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Our conversation explains how the test works, the different hormones that are measured, and the deep understanding you gain about your reproductive health. Resources: Learn more: modernfertility. As the creator of Pitch It Perfect, she teaches bloggers and influencers how to pitch to brands and create a sustainable online business. Our conversation digs into who Julie was before becoming an entrepreneur—working that corporate life as a music publicist turned book publicist in NYC.

From there is where Julie figured out her genius, and how to apply it to create her own business. Resources: Learn more: juliesolomon. Here's more on the Fitt Weekly ambassador program: weekly. Today we are joined by Whitney Port! Since her time on the show, Whitney has built a brand and a family.

It gives viewers an honest look at motherhood and how it has affected her, her marriage, and everything in between. She shares her emotional and physical battle with breastfeeding, and developing mastitis three times. We look at her changes in routine, health, and time spent with her husband, Timmy. We love the beautiful honesty between them—such as discussing fears over having multiple kids.

Whitney also opens up about the hardest year of her life, , when her father passed away from cancer. She opens up about her grief, and how she copes every day. Resources: Learn more: whitneyport. Our guest is Sheri Salata, whose humor and wild spirit is infectious. For years, she avoided processing her grief by immersing herself in work and caring for family.

She shares the ways she was able to move through her grief by deepening her spirituality and making self-care a top priority every single day. From managing a convenience store and a toy store, to working as a secretary. Sheri has started over and felt lost countless times, but kept searching for something to fill her with meaning.

At age 35, she landed an entry level job at The Oprah Winfrey Show, and finally found what she was searching for—purpose. Resources: Learn more: thepillarlife. Today we are sitting down with author, mother, and one of our favorite humans, Peta Kelly. Let us give you a few reasons why we love this woman so much: 1 Peta holds family as one of her greatest values 2 She is funny as hell 3 She walks the talk 4 She has taught us how to have hard conversations 4 She is constantly evolving without needing anything from anyone.

Since becoming a mom, she has really focused on the intimacy of motherhood, and shares the outside fears pushed on her during pregnancy, and the trust she maintained within herself. While in her twenties, Peta focused on soul growth, while working hard as an entrepreneur to set herself up financially before moving into motherhood. Resources: Learn more: petakelly. The son of immigrants, Khalil describes his childhood, especially school, as riddled with racism and bullying.

At home, he dealt with violence, neglect, and sexual abuse, which triggered decades of self-hatred. Khalil found alcohol and marijuana at a young age, eventually dropped out of high-school, and found himself in a downward spiral of heroin and cocaine abuse. At 33 years old and pounds, living on Skid Row in Los Angeles, he decided to get sober. He takes us back to the moment that he chose life over death and we get an in depth, raw look at his journey to overcome addiction. Resources: Learn more: sunlifeorganics. She is the founder of the nonprofit For The Wild which now encompasses the 1 Million Redwoods reforestation project, For the Wild podcast, and a new spinoff series birthed from a preservation campaign around the Tongass National Forest.

She eventually dropped out to become a full time political organizer. She explains the detriments of logging and building dams and howgold mining has created genocide in the west by producing high volumes of waste water. Ayana shares how she recommits herself to the Earth every day, and how each of us can reestablish that connection. Resources: Learn: forthewild. This episode if for anyone who has ever felt disconnected from their body and intuition, for anyone navigating life after betrayal and for anyone wanting to forgive others and themselves.

This is an intimate conversation on relationships, trust, listening to your physical and emotional bodies. Joining us is physical therapist Dr. Jen Esquer, founder of the The Mobility Method, known for relieving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing movement. Jen is all about affecting change in the body through education, movement, and building appreciation for what our unique bodies are capable of doing. But we are honored to have Jen talk about more than mobility today. She opens up about her past relationship ending in infidelity, the way she handled the heartbreak, and how connected she became to her inner knowing.

How to Break Sugar Addiction: 7 Steps to Help You Stop Eating Sugar

It really struck a chord with us when she discusses the importance of having friends that can hold a safe space, without judgment, to release the spectrum of emotions that may arise. We unpack the benefits of breathwork and the effect it can have on your parasympathetic nervous system. Jen gives a generous tool box if we ever lose ourselves in someone or a situation and want to reconnect with who we really are. We also talk about: Knowing when to leave and when to work on a relationship How our triggers may affect other people Finding forgiveness for yourself Expectations versus reality when someone shows you who they are, believe them!

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Resources: Instagram: docjenfit Learn more: docjenfit. Today we are sitting down with Loraine Dowdy, founder of the American made cosmetics line, Coloured Raine. After 16 years of working a high-powered job in the financial industry, Loraine pursued her dream of creating a cruelty-free makeup line that encourages diversity, self-expression, and shades for women of color. You are going to love their array of vibrant pigments and cruelty free cosmetics. Resources: Learn more: colouredraine. You can also download the Fitt app, available now on iOS.

Android version coming soon. Also known as Yoga Girl, she is a heart-centered leader who brings the human element of emotion to social media. Becoming who Rachel is today was not without a history of struggle, and she shares with us how her childhood and rebellious teenage years led her to first find meditation, then yoga.

The three of us also explore the interconnectedness between spirituality and business, and how Rachel balances motherhood with maintaining closeness with her husband. We also take a dive into plant medicine, sharing the insights and clearings Rachel gained during her cacao ceremony. Resources: Learn more: yogagirl. Today we are sitting down with Catt Sadler, the three-time Emmy-winning journalist, previous host on E! Catt is a powerful voice for women, and has inspired so many to stand up for what they deserve. Catt shares with us her experience with collaborative parenting after divorce, and how being a child of divorce directly affects her parenting style.

This truly showcases the importance of consuming meaningful information, empowering one another, and trusting your inner knowing. Find more to love at almost30podcast. Resources: Learn more: thecattwalk. Today we are joined with author of the book Keto Diet and founder of the wildly popular and trusted, Ancient Nutrition, Dr. Josh Axe! Axe is a doctor of chiropractic, natural medicine doctor, and clinical nutritionist who also started a world renowned functional medicine center in Nashville, TN. He begins by opening up about the journey his mom faced with cancer, and how this shaped his relationship with food and medicine.

The connection between food, emotions and organs is fascinating. We also discuss why herbs should be a staple in each of our homes. We also talk about: Keto diet and herbs for hormonal balance at all ages! The negative effects and overuse of antibiotics Strength vs. Cardio training vs. Resources: Learn more: draxe. Soul Tarot is a reinterpretation and intentional utilization of the Tarot as a healing tool, assisting us in differentiating the noise of our brain from the truth of our soul.

Through her regularly sold out workshops, retreats and online Tarot courses, Lindsay has had the profound honor of teaching Soul Tarot to thousands of people from all around the world.

By Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik

In our conversation with Lindsey, the three of us talk about the origins of Tarot, how Lindsay uses it in her day to day, and using Tarot for yourself as a tool in your own journey. Lindsay also shares her path of healing through PTSD and chronic illness, and how her spiritual side has helped her through these hardships.

Resources: Learn more: lindsaymack. In , friends Carly and Danielle created this subscription based newsletter full of easy to digest news stories. The Skimm makes it easier to live a smarter life by integrating in the routines of their target audience, female millennials. In our conversation today, the four of us talk about creating culture within a growing company, starting a business with your close friend and what challenges that brings, building a team, and much more. Resources: Learn more: theskimm.

Plus when you order a case, shipping is included! Today we are sitting down with Jen Pastiloff, author, speaker, and the creator of the workshop series, On Being Human. In her workshops, Jen bring women together along with movement, writing, sharing, and fun in order to create space for awakenings within her guests.

Jen has been featured in multiple popular media outlets for her unique style of teaching, which has led to helping thousands of women all over the world. In our conversation today, Jen shares personal journey with hearing loss, the healing process around her father passing away in his late thirties, and the turning point moment in her life where she had a direct connection to her soul.

Resources: Learn more: jenniferpastiloff. She is dedicated to elevating consciousness through plant medicine, art and radical self love. We love that Lizzy is constantly pushing boundaries and challenging those around her to fully embrace their most authentic selves. In our conversation today, Lizzy shares her journey with us and what it means to be truly high vibe.

Resources: Learn more: lizzyjeff. Buckle up! We were ready and willing to go where we have not gone before and holy holy were we cracked open! A spiritual guide and gifted healer, Shaman Durek acts as a bridge between the spiritual and physical planes, applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and healing into people's lives.

Resources: Learn more: shamandurek. Each week in May, one of the four female founders will be sharing their tips and tricks for how to stay balanced, healthy and in alignment. Head over to getskinnydipped on IG to learn more about how you can participate. What Do You Meme? Just go to Amazon. Our guests today are Danika Brysha and Billy Haley! Billy is a private chef and the owner of Culinary Recovery Foods. Together, the two toured the United States in to host The Brunch Series, a workshop style gathering to define and design self-care for each woman in attendance.

In our conversation today, we hear from Danika and Billy in the middle of their conscious uncoupling, speaking on how that has been both healthy for their relationship together and incredibly painful at times.. Resources: Learn more: danikabrysha. Krista is on the podcast today solo sharing her unique experience while taking ayahuasca several weeks ago in Costa Rica, at Rythmia. Jeff McNairy. Today we have Dr. Jeff McNairy from Rythmia joining us on the podcast! McNairy is bridging the gap between ancient modalities and western psychology through plant medicine practices.

Today Lindsey is riding solo and sharing her experience with the incredibly powerful plant medicine, ayahuasca. Today we are joined once again by the breathtaking Biet Simkin! The incredible Michelle Hope, unapologetic sexpert, joins us today on the podcast! Today we have a special one for you, Almost 30 Nation! Krista was interviewed on a podcast recently, and it was too incredible not to share.

Today on Almost 30 we have the wonderful Dana James joining us! Dana is a triple certified nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner and cognitive behavioral therapist. This conversation today is emotional, insightful, and is sure to offer you a clearer picture of the field of social work and the world foster kids live in today. I work with children, teenagers, and families with severe histories of trauma and mental illness.

The children and families I work with are a part of the LA County foster care system. I support my clients by helping them process their trauma, empowering them to reach their full potential, advocating for their needs, navigating the foster care system, and guiding them through the roller coaster journey they are on. I have never met more resilient people than my clients, and they inspire me to do this challenging work and be the best version of myself day in and day out.

I was working with a 13 yr old female client who was very suicidal. I was going to her home times weekly for therapy sessions to ensure she was safe, had someone to talk to, and could work through her suicidal thoughts.

alisa braun sugar adiction Manual

As our time was coming to an end, we wrote each other letters as part of our termination and goodbye process. In her letter to me she wrote, "thank you for letting me realize that life is worth living" THIS is the reason I do what I do. Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it can change the world for one person. Honestly, that is what motivates me day in and day in.

That is what I find so rewarding about my job. I know some will fall through the cracks. But I also know that if I can make an impact on just one child, that I am helping change the world for that one person. Relax with some sippy in the beautiful Gold Bar. Tickets available at www.

The Almost 30 Podcast is edited by Podcast Masters. Everyone stop what you are doing.

Lily’s Sugar-Free Baking Chocolate Giveaway

Lacy Phillips!! Our dear friend and former podcast guest, Millana Snow of Wellness Official, asked us to co-host an elevated summer series. Questions covered relationships with others, fostering romantic relationships, magnetizing money, all the way to manifesting your dream life. This conversation is real and in-the-moment. Attendees, including us, are figuring out blocks and triggers, just like you. Lacy is so grounded, loving, and honest in her answers, offering so much help to the audience— and you! Resources: Learn more: tobemagnetic. Download the free app now!

Nicole is our go-to gal for everything finance, money management, and financial empowerment. She helps take the shame and guilt out of financial wellness, and creates space for feeling good about our money decisions and desires. Head on over to themoneyschool. Nicole Lapin Watch: Hatched www.

Jerry is a mega talented actor, hilarious and humble human, and a stellar dad and husband. He made his acting debut in the iconic film Stand By Me and has been working consistently ever since. What we love about Jerry is the levity and passion he brings to every opportunity. He is eager to learn, whether in front of the camera acting, or behind it directing. He is generous with his time and quick to help those in and out of the business.

In our conversation today, we talk about working in the entertainment industry, relationships and marriage, and what it was like starring in an iconic movie at such a young age. Today on the podcast, we are joined by intuitive astrologer and spiritual teacher, Danielle Paige. Danielle is able to connect mind, body, and soul through a cosmic lens.. Surprise, surprise their charts are intensely connected! We also talk about how Danielle has accelerated healing by changing what she does for her body, her spiritual awakening, full moon rituals, and so much more.

Resources: Learn more: healingpaige. The incredible writer and thought leader, Ruby Warrington is our guest today! Ruby is the brilliant goddess behind The Numinous, a cosmic lifestyle platform that updates all things "new age" for life in the Now Age. Today, Ruby shares with us the reasons for writing her newest book, Sober Curious, and how she came to unlearn her mindless habit of consuming alcohol.

Resources: Learn more: rubywarrington. Daniela runs her coaching programs on the foundation that no one knows your body better than you do— how refreshing is that? Daniela believes that by strengthening your intuition, you will begin to actually hear what your body needs. Resources: Learn more: danielakende. Today we welcome Karen Newell to the show! Karen is the co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, alongside Eben Alexander listen to our episode with him here , an author, and empowers others in their journeys of self-discovery. She shares how to enter and engage your own consciousness in order to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition.

In our conversation we talk about what people experience when they incorporate binaural beats to their daily practice, the spiritual connection that is created when listening to the sounds, and the different types of brain waves we experience. Resources: Learn more: sacredacoustics. Visit thrivemarket. There is an incredible plus balance looks different to every person. Achieving balance in life is such a trendy thing to talk about, and at this event, we sat alongside other amazing women to debunk the idea of balance. Each woman offered so much value and insight to business, entrepreneurism, and this idea that balance is BS.

We are so excited for you to give this episode a listen. Sign up at almost David Perlmutter. Today we are joined by Dr. He is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of nutritional influences in neurological disorders, and is a frequent lecturer at top medical universities. Perlmutter has helped so many people come to understand what excess grain consumption can do to our bodies, and what other ingredients, like sugar, can do as well. Perlmutter also shares his journey from neurology, into the spark for the work that led him to opening up his own practice, and ultimately to writing Grain Brain.

Perlmutter eats and how he moves The message that Dr. Resources: Learn more: drperlmutter. Can you believe it? How the heck did that happen? The past two years have been incredibly expanding for us and for the community, both personally and professionally, and we wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your constant love,support, and inspiration— we absolutely would not be here without you.

It has been an honor to be your friends. Resources: Almost30podcast. We are big fans and have been so deeply impacted by the work and truth of our guest today. Renowned speaker, author, and podcast host, Ruthie Lindsey joins us for a conversation we will never forget.

Ruthie travels the globe sharing her story, empowering others to find purpose in their pain, to look for beauty in the midst of their sacred wounds. Today on the podcast, Ruthie shares her experience with being hit by a vehicle and coming close to death in her youth, and how that trauma set the stage for drug dependence, divorce, and depression in her life. Resources: Learn more: ruthielindsey. Her mission is to get more money into the hands of women in order for them to live better, more positive lives.

Can we get an amen?!

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Sallie was recognized as a top female founder, and as the seventh most powerful woman in the world through various top media outlets. Resources: Learn more: salliecrawcheck. Today we sit down with Miki Agrawal. Oh, and did we mention that Miki is also an author, DJ, and mom? This powerful book is inspiring women all over the world to take powerful action in 13 different areas of their lives. Resources: Learn more: mikiagrawal. Charity has been on the podcast before to talk all things gut health Episode For this episode, she wanted to share what she is navigating in real time to hopefully help others who might be dealing with grief, denial, disease, mortality and finding joy in every moment.

Her husband is battling stage four colon cancer, and with four children, Charity is navigating with incredible grace. Warning, in this conversation, the three of us get very emotional. Resources: Connect with Charity: Instagram Learn more at silverfernbrand. Charity Lighten yourpodcastpro. We were blown away by a talk Rachel gave at Spark Portland, which was incredibly informational and inspired action. Rachel is the founder of SPARK, an interactive and inclusive card game, and she is on a mission to bring more empathy to the world.

In her over six years as a coach and facilitator, Rachel has supported communities to come together across racial, gender, sexual identity differences, and cultural differences, facilitating conversations about implicit bias, systemic oppression, and racial equity. Resources: Learn more: rachelvrosen. Our fans are always submitting new flavor ideas and lime has long been one of the most popular requests.

Enlisting the help of their community, Spindrift looks to rally those on social media seeking to complete their citrus expression with the tiny lime emoji. Today we have Pia Baroncini joining us on the podcast! Pia is the creator of LPA, a clothing brand under the Revolve house label, that carries a long list of celebrity brand fans. We love how real she is in all she does, and the total vibe of honesty and vulnerability that she carries wherever she goes. In our conversation today, Pia shares about the intense year that she went through, from losing her father, to problems that occured at the label, and so much more.

Resources: Learn more: lpathelabel. We discuss candidly our personal journeys to self love, and our favorite ways that we are now practicing self love. We hope that this episode serves as a way for you to reflect and explore this topic for yourself as well. Resources: Self Love article Almost30podcast. We are back at it with another solo episode from Lindsey!

Today, Lindsey is shining a light on something she is working on in real time. From relationships, career, family to health, and of course, her personal relationship with herself, this conversation covers it all in hopes that you can relate. Resources: Learn more: lindseysimcik. Resources: Learn more: blog. Today, author, former fashion model, and meditation leader, Light Watkins joins us on the podcast. Light has been active in the wellness space, first as a practitioner, and later as an apprentice to his Vedic Meditation teacher, and finally in as a meditation teacher himself. He writes articles on meditation and happiness, leads sold-out meditation trainings and retreats, and produces The Shine—a global pop-up inspirational variety show with a mission to inspire.

Light also sends out a popular daily inspirational email each morning called The Daily Dose of Inspiration. Our community is always buzzing about meditation; Light shares with us how he discovered yoga and meditation, the last decision he made for money and what it taught him, and how he distinguishes between roadblocks. Resources: Learn more: lightwatkins. It is a business structure that helps a person in need with every product purchased. In this interview, Blake brings us back to the birth of TOMs and how the giving model has evolved over time and continues to impact tens of millions of people all over the world every year.

He is passionate about the latest initiative that TOMs has chosen to take a stand on: Ending gun violence. Part of this initiative is to make it easy for any American to go online and send their local representative a postcard asking them to vote for universal background checks for the purchasing of guns. Please visit the link below to endgunviolencetogether.

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Resources: Learn more: toms. Today we are joined by Travis Alabanza. Travis is a performer, writer and theatre maker, and has been noted by numerous publications, such as Artsy, ID and Mobo Awards, as one of the most prominent emerging queer artistic voices. Resources: Learn more: travisalabanza. Today we are joined by the founders of Skinny Dipped, our favorite chocolate covered almond company. Val, Breezy, Lizzie, and Chrissy, are all on to tell us the beautiful human, Josh, that sparked the creation of Skinny Dipped, how they have grown as a brand through the years, and being aware of the processing of almonds and other foods in the United States.

Resources: Check out: skinnydipped. Excited to have Sam Bailey join the girls on the podcast! She is also the director and co-creator of the web series Brown Girls, which was recently nominated for an Emmy. Sam also shares what it has been like having Fatimah as a creative writing partner, and the friendship that it has blossomed into, and the incredible growth of their show, Brown Girls. Resources: Learn more: samqbailey.

Amy has a passion for promoting and building positive female role models and messaging for women, and she does exactly that with her company. Amy is also the author of The Feminine Revolution, a book about stepping into your femininity to create a better world and brighter life. Amy also shares a few ways to ignite the power of your own femininity straight from her brand new book, The Feminine Revolution. Resources: Learn more: femininerevolutionbook.

Hormone health has been an extremely popular topic within our Secret Facebook group, Instagram communities, and in health and wellness at large. She goes deep, recalling when she was first put on birth control, the feelings and emotions she was having and deeming normal, and her decision to take an in-depth look at her hormone levels.

Today we talk about his journey to creating SuperLife; from self-medicating, becoming more aware of his health and well-being, to his father passing away, and rediscovering plants and herbs. Resources: Learn more: superlife. Arian Simone joins us on the podcast today for an inspiring conversation on resilience, determination, and faith.

Arian has an incredible story to share. Resources: Learn more: ariansimone. The beautiful Hannah Bronfman joins us today on the podcast. We had a blast peeling back the layers and getting some serious realness from this superstar entrepreneur. Hannah also shares about her relationship with her husband, and the support they offer one another as individual entrepreneurs and as partners in life and business, and the inspiration behind writing her new book. Resources: Learn more: hbfit. Happy New Year, family!.

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Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction
Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction
Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction
Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction
Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction
Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction
Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction Alisa Braun: Sugar Adiction

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