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So then, would you want people under your discernment to consider you rigid-righteous, or holy-flexible? Everyone under you, would want the latter, of course? And the answer, of course, is pride. And that has been the problem all along! God asks us In That Day, to forgo rigid-righteousness and enter into holy-flexibility! And that will take swallowing a lot of pride, and growing a lot of humility!

By Robert Winkler Burke, copyright Reno, Nevada USA. John the Baptist said to repent. Jesus said to repent. And their sharpest words were directed against the religious leaders of the day. But the religious leaders of today say that they, themselves , have nothing much to repent about.

Instead they call for revival for an unrepentant, uncorrected Church. American preachers now find revival chiefly in Third World countries who are hearing the mega ministry spiel for the first time. But in America, faith-movement leaders are finding very little new manna. In the modern nations, who have heard the faith message for many years, revival waits.

The Church tells us it is righteous, blessed and needing only our money. To believe anything else is, well, to be wrong, damnably so. But perhaps we can help this Church self-enslaved to wrong doctrine escape its shackles of deception. But some of us have a sneaking suspicion that Father God Almighty just might be able to tell us individually what we really need to do better than, well, the placebo pandering, opinions or promptings of anybody else. If the letter of the law any law, even the law of tithing kills, it is the Spirit of God for example, prompting one person to give to another, rather than tithing into the ministry bucket which gives life!

A less certain observation is that whereas rapture books have sold in the millions , no good answer is available to the question that since rapture authors believe themselves soon gone, what need have they of rapture profits? Nevertheless, rapture makes for delightful mental escape. This makes believing in fly away fallacies a rather unsafe bet. If they did, perhaps we citizens would become foreigners just for the opportunity to become new citizens of America, free from the recompense of high crime! But one might ask, how can they be so bold as to imply our Lord is late for their party?

Or is He who they believe will fix everything instantly, late with the instant fix? Are we baby theologians in need of an instant-fix God who will appear independent from us to right all wrongs; or are we mature believers instructed to be prepared, ready and watch for Christ to manifest Himself in ourselves and others and rejoice In That Day? The five-fold ministry includes prophets, but rare is the church with a prophet operating in Biblical fullness.

More common is the church with profits to grow buildings, grow staff, grow television ministry and grow sometimes huge convention meetings. If a living prophet is heralded, is it one who rebukes as did Moses? Is it is one who rebukes as did Jeremiah? Is it one who rebukes as did John, Jesus and even Paul? Or do we find prophets who prophesy rainbow stew for me and you? Sadly, we find the latter and not the former. No church serves two masters, and the master of the world is often the master of the church. And the master of the world will not be rebuked by a prophet.

Perhaps this is why so few churches want correction, but so many revival; so few a prophet, so many entertainment; so few steak, so many milk. Many ministers excitedly herald Malachi and sing the virtues of rule-based tithing. However, few pastors just as excitedly herald the three red letter denouncements from Jesus of tithers who displeased God. Jesus taught that when you hear from God, there are no rules.

Welcome to Edmond Max!

Jesus said so. But modern ministries refuse to line up with Jesus and get tithing right. They are guilty of a kind of subornation of sin, getting others to do something in a way that displeases God. The trick is to rapidly advance to hearing directly from God. Jesus is very much alive, contrary to what the WWJD doctrine implies, and He will tell us precisely what to do, if only we believe and pay the price of righteousness to hear! Granted, an F Eagle is an extremely complicated machine. God help the ministries trapped in such rotten and despicable doctrine.

God is a Spirit. God breathed His Spirit into us. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would teach us all things. So the world turns to New Age because the Church cannot explain this age. The world turns to fortune tellers because the Church turns away prophets. Christians are full of evil spirits because the Church says it cannot happen. Television preachers are proud of their ranting spirits, their money-extracting spirits and especially their uncorrectable spirits. God created a kingdom of spirits, but the modern church hides from the knowledge of it. God believes His Church must have His Spirit, as evidenced by signs which the Church tends to reject.

The Church must stop its hide-from-spirits-but-seek-truth game. God says you cannot have His Truth without His Spirit. The Church which settles for one, has neither. Jesus was crucified by unhappy heresy hunters. Jesus did not interpret scripture literally. For unhappy heresy hunters have rejected the Holy Spirit, and are spiritually blind. And it upsets them to discover others who see spiritually and help others to also see spiritually.

But true seekers can find happiness in God. Antichrist, the mark of the beast, the avoidance of tribulation and the fly away, false salvation promise of rapture. But what can be expected from such misguided teachers who take the Bible literally? They literally interpret it like a psychological ink blot. Instead of the Holy Spirit teaching them all things, God lets them provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces. The season of Christmas is often simply taught as a pageant of nativity.

This spirit-led living enabled them to avoid the kill zone of infanticide. This message is lost on ministries who poorly prepare their sheep to similarly avoid modern kill zones. So, Christmases come and go without families being filled with the Holy Spirit, as this part of the story is ignored. For this the Church tells them to tithe? Christmas should be merrier.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union has no problem making their anti-god agenda succeed, somehow. Likewise rapture preachers, somehow. Nevertheless, truth will prevail in these matters. Stated roughly but actually quite accurately , the saints go marching in God while the butt-heads get themselves eliminated. For God so loves the world, that in that day of judgment which now is, He will manifest Himself in us to perform His word. Antichrist appear with a pig which he sacrifices on an altar, thereby causing all dispensational book sales to soar to astronomic levels.

And in choosing to put either our own piggish selves on the throne, or Christ; we can cause either our own abomination of desolation to keep God forever banished from our soul, or we can work with repentance and truth to get and keep God dwelling in us and we in Him. Ooh, ooh! Is this war or the next one the biggie of the Bible? Should we subscribe to the Jerusalem Post or support the preacher who does? When we buy a book or watch a movie on the Battle of Armageddon, should our fear of the future be small, medium or super-size?

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Should our attention be diverted away from dethroning self, which is the Armageddon for most every individual and family, or with imagining the mother of all wars? Saddam Hussein was wrong when he prophesied about the First Gulf War being such a mother, but why do we still support teachers who divert attention from the battle of self which enables Christ-likeness to some future mother of all wars which promulgates fear. Read all about it! What a s urprise! There is bad news! And so go the dispensational programs under the banner of Christ.

At the end of most breathless presentations of their bad news gospel, is their fear-of-the-future-without-dispensational-insight altar call. The Bible certainly contains mysterious codes. Does any of this help us to be more like Jesus? Let us hold ministries accountable for where they put the attention of their followers. Do the shepherds fixate on factoids? Do the shepherds fixate on selling their factoids?

How do these factoids help their sheep get in the right fold? Is it mere knowledge, or spiritual knowledge; is it mere worshiping in truth, or worshiping in spirit and truth; is it mere logos facts or partnership with a living Holy Spirit that helps Christ in us be? Then let all taught of the Lord with eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to obey, witness to the world who is the Christ. Let all who can, witness who is the Christ. Let all who can, see who is the Christ. Let all who can, be who is the Christ.

From the east to the west, let Christ, then, return in a cloud of His sanctified vessels, at His sudden time, in His awesome power, with His conquering love and His perfectly sound mind. And leave off emergent gobbledygook and prophetic jabberwocky! In better times, Christian television programs had modest appeals for funds. But now programs seem to be mostly commercials. However Christ did admonish his disciples who received freely to, well, give freely. Malachi , brother. Wave that check! Support me and get your one-hundred fold blessing! No, make that a thousand fold blessing with your next thousand dollar love gift!

Watch this! Call and pledge today! Why is this so? Ditto for eternal security believers. Same goes for believers of the Imminent-Return-of-Mr.

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So when most every opportunity to manifest Christ fails to happen in the unsanctified life of a baby-doctrine-taught Christian, the purposes of heaven are massively frustrated. And it is so sad. Knowledge makes us prideful. Success makes us prideful.

A Path to Freedom by Michael Collins

Money makes us prideful. Luxury cars make us prideful. Executive jet travel can really make us prideful. Exclusive, isolated-from-the-plebian mega-ministry living absolutely can make us prideful. And when confronted, they protesteth too much. Just count the jaywalking masses as they leave the next ministry conference event. Watch them walk past the downtown needy.

Watch them butt in line at the airport, with no decent concern for others already in line. Pride of life puts leaders and followers above the laws of man and God every time. And it is a shame. The ministries of Jesus and John are summarized quite compactly in the Gospels. Jesus said His ministry boils down to loving God and loving your neighbor. Then He modeled that by giving His life as a demonstration of that agape love. However, the taught-of-mega-ministry sheep often focus on tithing, prosperity, rapture, end-times dispensation doctrine and anything but giving one to another.

John said give your extra coat to another. Then he said the second thing is as the first, but with food. The emphasis is on giving one to another. These ministry sheep have been absolved from ever giving anything to anybody, person to person. Such sheep make hell, not heaven on earth. This is the latter day abomination of desolation: God unable to indwell in abodes of wrong doctrine and deceived spirits. Other ministers sometimes give manic, emotional diatribes spewed out with machine-gun furor, along with endless scripture quotes of bounce-back-and-forth-scripture-chasing confusion and misdirection of thought.

It is beyond scandalous. Christ-fed sheep are wise, not suckers; quickened, not dead-looking; independent, not grotesquely obsequious. Sheep that are fed Christ are healthy. Sheep that are fed ego and deception look like some of the misshapen, beguiled troops who now attend ministry meetings. Such conference shepherds teach how to be obnoxious to the Lord and useless to man. The message is that Christ must come and manifest Himself in us now.

This despite what television preachers blithely witness to the contrary. All would be fine except the horrific fact that conventional Christian religion is seemingly opposed to that singular good thing from ever happening in its body. It is well understood that Christ was filled with the Holy Spirit without limit, but the Church has taught to receive Christ without His Spirit. Even those who opt to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, often stay content at an extremely miniscule portion of spirit-led life. Out of this hellish stupor believers in Christ must rise up and demand to receive full baptism of the Holy Spirit and full baptism of the fire of sin-revealing and sin-overcoming tribulation until we in humility and obedience hear, obey and manifest Christ at levels all creation groans in anticipation to see the revealing thereof.

In other words, we must be in whom comes quickly our God. Who we are must be who Christ is. Who Christ is must be who we are. He is the great I am. And He calls to us and says: Now, with Me be. Behold, I come. Are you ready? Behold, then, the Body of Christ rise and shine! Where do we take it from here? We need a change. Such prophets could not get even a dog that wet the carpet to show remorse. Yet the Church itself is neither housebroken nor repentant enough for God to indwell at sufficient levels. In truth, there is no rapture, no eternal security and Jesus comes quickly in the prepared-for-Him-inside now.

Giving must be rhema-based not percentage rule-based. TV preachers rake in millions of dollars in sales by pandering fear, greed and giddiness to sheep worldwide. Ministries will have to massively repent of wickedly hanging on to wrong doctrines, which make them unable to manifest Christ themselves, and for their brazen audacity in hawking their worldly antichrist opinions like voracious whores. Church leaders, wash the inside of the cup. Church leaders, die to self. Church leaders, stop extracting dollars unrighteously.

And use that sword against your wrong beliefs and your wrong spirits. And then publicly repent of your misdeeds of proclaiming truth that was not truth and being of a spirit that was not of God. And then, verily verily the Lord God Almighty says unto you, you will see true revival. Amen, Amen and Amen. Indwelling, Western Enlightenment and Higher Teachings. These are three things not particularly hard to read. But it turns out to be something very hard to have faith in.

Faith for what? The world currently suffers from universal hidden enslavement. Call it socialism. Call it soft tyranny. Call it too much taxation. Call it lousy church. Call it easily penned sheep! I call it politic and cleric mystic tyranny, the eternal plague of mankind. And slouch. So, I call all this: shenanigans. From the politicians we seldom hear them thank the pulpit for serving up such gullible, easily penned, ready-to-be-further sheared sheep!

They should, because politicians sell mainly socialism, which includes much greed get others to pay! So church is stuck in shrunken-head land. It wants to stay within the pages of the bible, where pressures to think like an upright non-monkey are kept to an absolute manageable minimum. But what is Western Enlightenment and what will it do for us? Western Enlightenment is the great treasure trove of proven-by-fire wisdom of the Greek-Roman-Jewish-Gothic-Christian ages.

The list is too long to ever really tally, but it mainly consists of continued correction against the dark side of us all. Things like trust but verify, speak truth to power, three-part constitutional republic government, Natural Law, the walk should match the talk, advancement through faults exposed and forgiven.

A Path to Freedom

Western Enlightenment mandatory membership requirement for correction has been despised and rejected for about as long as hateful and divisive socialism has been worshipped and accepted. That would be for about one-hundred years, as of this writing. Now, here is the magic.

And after their thinking is at least somewhat better organized, they will get back to Christ-in-You indwelling. The restoration of all things! Christ-in-You indwelling Go, God-in-you! All improving. All self-correcting, even if at less than perfect levels. All, at some percentage or the other, God-bearing. Interestingly, the work reintroduces abiding teamwork, verses the Frankfurt Socialist School of endless divisiveness without faith-for remedy.

Un-gullible, intelligent folk who always watch the other hand vs. And lastly: confirmable salutatory immanently-honorable Christ-in-You-ness understood, explained and celebrated in man, woman and child. Or more correctly: In That Day. What is In That Day? No, it is not the end-of-days. Nor is it that crazy notion some call rapture. It is simply His day when he can tolerate stupefied Christians no more! He wants a greater mind-meld with us, His creation. And by God, He will get what He wants! What does it take to join in God-bearing In That Day?

Well, some already are in In That Day. They found the way by themselves or even with church! But the rest need help, and sadly many might discover the price is too high. What is the cost of Christ-in-You-ness? That is often too high a price for many. Because bad doctrine drives bad devils in our souls!

Lose the bad doctrines, and you lose the great things bothering oneself inside oneself! Then, you also have to have faith in tough-as-nails truth! See the last sentence of the above paragraph. Often, church-talk avoids such tough talk. Very good! Is Christianity Mumbo Jumbo? I s Christianity mumbo jumbo,. Or men of word and deed? Mumbo Jumbo men and women,.

Have all the Christ they need! But folk of word and deed,. Work plan A with B in reserve,. On blind course, they never swerve! Folk of word and deed,. Make their part of their world a nice place,. Mumbo Jumbos well,. As Christians think: they win the rat race!

Mumbo Jumbo Christians,. Never stop thinking of themselves most highly,. Who makes heaven? And who gets left behind? Well, it depends,. Our Insuperable Situation. B ig government is big insanity,. We see, but they see not,. They mainstream barbarism,. We see wisdom forgot. They see we are the problem,. In place they have pogroms,. Quite violent them against us ,. We ants against their damns. Pardon our eyes seeing elbows,. Get ready innocent against their blows,.

We plainly see their world is insane,. Snuffing out seers is their game. Big religion,. Is no help,. They blind sheep,. Without whelp. The blinders wink,. With their all-seeing Eye,. Shill inanities from vaunted video pulpits,. Seers see their puerile shenanigans,. Our insuperable situation,.

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Leaders: blind as a bat,. Whom they smash flat. Come now, and marinate your mind with these In That Day Teachings. I pray they feed your spirit well. The goal is to see how often marionette minds are controlled by wrong doctrines of wayward ministries. And those wayward ministries annually extract and waste hundreds of millions of dollars to boost egos.

And those wayward ministries duplicate their duplicitous messages because each leader's ego needs it. And when you hear and obey God, you do not need another rich man's book, or control. Just the Bible. And when people hear and obey God on this planet, you will have peace among the peaceful. And the peaceful will be at peace when the deaf-to-God-and-alive-to-self destroy themselves, as they must.

And the wise who understand this and other hard things about the future will weep for a season. And those who do not understand this and other hard things about the future, will mock the wise. So let the wise weep and let the fools mock the wise. It is time the two are separated.

Let the wise come into the Master's barn, which is truth, which is heaven come now on earth. Let the foolish be gathered and thrown on the pile that burns, which is spiritual scourging and self-destruction. Okay, I promise to be short. Hence the common vernacular used to punch through the spiritual haze of it all. Hopefully something useful will pop up. But, I might be too wordy for you. Let me explain. Those who are babies, just weaned from the milk and taken from the breasts?

You see, church has been idiotically repeating the same-old-same-old for years. However, these In That Day Teachings are different. And as understood, recognized and taught by Master Jesus Christ Himself. But therein lies the problem. In That Day Teachings are somewhat ethereal. Sometimes even so high as to be rather inscrutable. Then again, they are plain as a steak. And they produce good fruit. Because they are often stuck in institutions of wrong doctrine. But you are not! But there still are many objections to overcome. Why is there no discernable order, as in one through ten or something like that.

Again, I say sorry. Isaiah simply called them line upon line and precept upon precept. No, they are not. If you want to make a list, go ahead. And the list becomes too much to ponder at once. So, to produce this particular book about higher teachings of God, I choose not to list how many and what are the myriad of teachings. If you are new to this material, be hungry for much more than a dozen concepts lines and precepts , yet be content if you understand several score or so meaning 60 to Wow, you might be thinking.

Where did this man get all this information? Good question. Ever ask a saintly person you happened to meet where they got it? In my case, a group of about three I was able to meet and learn from back in Southern California from about through the year They want to remain anonymous, and I will respect their wishes. I have lost contact with them, and I believe most or all of them are with the Lord in heaven, or will soon be. This group that met me was like a lot of groups here and there that help people in extraordinary ways of the spirit. They, like all of us, were an unfinished work in process.

But believe me, they were a lot further down the road than you meet in churchianity! Hence, lacking perfection I made mistakes. Most groups do. Most individuals do. Strangely, these groups are at once comprised of very intelligent minds yet minds that have yet to succeed in creating written work that has publishing success.

I hope to break that track record with this work. And you can see the progress of my mind if www. Therein you will find excessive words, excessive anger, excessive bitterness, yet amazing insight, amazing cogency, amazing pierce-the-bubble-of-fog in churchianity! So, witness how God works in a sad soul such as myself, and take faith that God can work much more easily in you! Where there is greatness, great government or power, even great feeling or compassion; error also is great.

We progress and mature by fault. So it has been for all of us, and our ancestors since the beginning of time. Also, I find that this pioneer work is much like all pioneer work. Not only does the pioneer get arrows in the back, but the biggest problem is simply the breakthrough! Services are available to address substance abuse and dependence, including brief screening and referrals. Wardenburg Health Center, Wardenburg Drive, on campus; a. Monday-Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday, This program aims to foster a community that promotes health and helps students develop the skills they need to make informed choices about health.

Services include educational workshops and trainings, early intervention classes, health supplies and nicotine cessation support. Monday-Friday, Students are eligible to receive free individual and group counseling targeted toward substance abuse and dependence. Students can also receive free substance abuse assessments and referral services through CAPS.

Psychiatric services are located in Wardenburg Health Center on the third floor. MondayThursday, 8 a. Friday; UMC ; Those interested in holding a meeting should email cucrc colorado. Creative Nonfiction. Academic Nonfiction. Pick your genre. Tell your story. Enter today! In our Academic Programs, you will have the opportunity to venture beyond the classroom and interact with leading scholars, writers, public servants, and faculty members.

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Fizz Fight, 12 noon to 3 p. Saturday, Sept. The 61year-old says that when opened the door, a man pushed his way inside. Coleman says. What is Augmented Reality? In our publications, it allows you to interact with an advertisement or feature to learn more information including: add an event to your calendar, visit a website, get directions and more! Point your device over an advertisement and select content of your Colorado Daily for exciting new features.

Avery Brewing Co. Provided by Avery Brewing Co. The 4. It will be introduced at a kickoff celebration at a. The first guests will receive a Stampede pint glass. The design was created by artist Neil Shigley, who had collaborated with the brewery for the packaging for its 25th anniversary last year. The strength of facts. The power of truth. Reporting stories you can trust. To subscribe, call Open 7 days a week! Sometimes the space is a long narrow hallway, sometimes it's a forgotten corner by the doorway, or maybe even the gap between the sofa and the wall. We've all had those moments standing perplexed in front of an area in the home, thinking "What on earth am I going to put here?

When it comes to narrow. A fun and colorful wallpaper or bright art is the perfect way to add personality in even the tiniest areas. Focusing on the floors, walls and ceilings gives you a ton of decorating surface area without cramping the space. Hallways are a fantastic place to show personality. I think of them as the red carpet lead-up to the grand show of your bedrooms. A colorful rug, a showstopping light fixture and an art display can change. A wall display I love, especially in kitchen hallways and nooks, is a collection of antique plates and platters instead of traditional art to add depth and interest.

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Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom
Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom
Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom
Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom
Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom
Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom
Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom
Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom
Daily Buck$ - The path to your freedom

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