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Too bad no one told Bliss Travis was off-limits. She tests his boundaries and pushes his control every minute they're together until he can't remember why wanting her is a bad idea. The hunters become the hunted in this tale of serial killers and SEALs for hire. Warning: Hold onto your panties, because nothing is safe. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published December 22nd by Inked Press first published December 18th More Details Original Title.

Aegis Group 1. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dangerous Attraction , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Sep 12, Coco. V marked it as to-read Shelves: own-but-not-read , freebie.

Dangerous Attraction

A lot of the serials I've seen are short and not worth my time, Dangerous Attraction, however, each part of the serial is at least novella length and sooo much happens they are almost complete stories by themselves. I've got to give Sidney props for freakin' me out during this book, if I thought Blind was creepy and gritty I was wrong Dangerous Attraction is way more creepy and gritty. This isn't Travis' first book we first were introduced to him in Blind he is Emma's brother, he's son of the man who watched the BTK serial killer blind, torture, and kill his parents right in front of him.

Which is what has lead him to Las Vegas. Bliss is her sister's keeper, Wendy has always been the fragile one. Bliss hoped that when Wendy fell in love and married Grayson she wouldn't be needed as much but then came the baby and it sent Wendy in to post partum depression. Bliss and Wendy arranged some time alone to go Christmas shopping but when Bliss showed and Wendy didn't she got a bad feeling. Still too soon to file a missing person report Bliss still goes to the police what she finds is Travis who overheard Bliss' description of Wendy who fits the victimology of the serial killer he's trying to track down.

Bliss confirms Travis' identity and calls Grayson who then hires Travis on the spot. Travis is ready to proceed as normal using the information he got from Bliss but Bliss wants in on it, she wants to help find Wendy. Against his better judgment Travis lets her help. What happens next is a rollercoaster ride of romance, suspense and intense action. So much happens kidnapping, murder, gunfights, Christmas, falling in love so much more. Travis and Bliss felt an instant attraction to each other but with everything going on it was a hesitant love Travis has a bunch of baggage he has to deal with and catch the serial killer.

We also see the BAU team from Blind come in and help things along. Overall, this was a great story it dug it's hooks in deep sucked me in. I loved it. When Travis thought he was a dead end with the case, Bliss Giles walks into his life. Bliss Giles sister is missing, and she matches the serial killer's victimology. The readers of Dangerous Attraction will continue to follow the twists and turns of Travis and Bliss investigation to find o Dangerous Attraction is book one in the Aegis Group by Sidney Bristol.

The readers of Dangerous Attraction will continue to follow the twists and turns of Travis and Bliss investigation to find out what happens. The first book I have read of Sidney Bristol and I engaged with the plot from the beginning of the book. I love Sidney Bristol portrayal of her characters, and the way they interact with each other throughout the book made it an enjoyable book to read. Dangerous Attraction is well written and researched by Sidney Bristol that ensures that I read more of her books. Sydney Bristol does a fantastic job of describing her settings.

The readers of Dangerous Attraction will learn about working for a private security company and how they help law enforcement investigations. Also, the readers of Dangerous Attraction will learn about the consequences and problems cause by postnatal depression. I recommend this book. This story was the perfect balance of full out suspense and steamy romance. Bliss is an independent woman, with a career - a be it in a non traditional industry, she's happy with her life overall - although she wouldn't mind a bit more beefcake in it. She takes care of her sister Wendy who's depression rules her life because she loves her and is her shield in this world.

But all this changes when Wendy goes missing. Bliss has temptation and salvation exploding across her path and it goes by the na This story was the perfect balance of full out suspense and steamy romance.

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Bliss has temptation and salvation exploding across her path and it goes by the name of Travis. Can Travis handle a woman like Bliss? And can both of them resist the undeniable attraction that is between them while surviving the intent of a serial killer? Loved the flow of this book, just when you thought it was safe the action and drama started up again.

Now I would say that Bliss does do some "stupid" things and even repeats them, however, I understood the motivation behind the actions. It did kind of seem strange that they were blindsided by the serial killer in the end - view spoiler [because they had profiled him as using the loved ones of the intended victim to ensure cooperation hide spoiler ] This story was the perfect balance of full out suspense and steamy romance.

This book was my introduction to Sidney Bristol, and I was very impressed. I was surprised by the author's ability to get inside the head of the killer, and although there were some violent scenes, there was nothing gratuitous or too graphic. Sidney Bristol does it right. As a result of this book, I have become a big fan of Sidney and have gone out of my way to read more of her work.

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Dangerous Attraction (1999)

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Katy Balls. Nick Rosen. Paul Dacre. Claire Fox. Sarah Ditum. Nick Cohen. James Kirkup. The film goes out on an effective double ending with the killer paralysed but one final lingering glimpse on his twitching toe that suggests that his paralysis may not be the case after all. Linden Ashby, usually cast in pretty boy and bland action roles, gives a reasonable performance.

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To say more would be to ruin disclosures, lest to say that this is one of few times that Linden Ashby has shown that he can act and that the main twist did offer some surprises. The promisingly good Canadian actor Ian Tracey also gives an ambiguously smooth performance as the pursuing detective. Plot After Allison Davis receives a promotion in her job, she is asked out by Dan Patterson, a nerdy accountant with the firm.

Director: Penelope Buitenhuis.

Dangerous Attraction Dangerous Attraction
Dangerous Attraction Dangerous Attraction
Dangerous Attraction Dangerous Attraction
Dangerous Attraction Dangerous Attraction
Dangerous Attraction Dangerous Attraction
Dangerous Attraction Dangerous Attraction

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