How I Got Off Pristiq

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I was probably still experiencing withdrawals from it. Is it possible to get away from these medications after years? I would not recommend anyone be on this horrible drug. Started off with high blood pressure. Dr put me on blood pressure meds. Dr put me on more meds. More meds. CT scan found goiters. Got biopsy. Came back i had hashimoto auto immune disease.

Had my thyroid removed. Then I got sick again.

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CT reviled I had lung nodules. Had another biopsy. Came back interstintial lung disease.. I have 2 Drs.

How I Got Off Pristiq

Easier said than done. Side affects are so bad that I go back 2 original dose. I call bs. Recently my gallbladder had to be removed. I have been taking antidepressants for many years, for depression. Now I have been having panic attacks and my doctor has added Cymbalta. Do you have any suggestions what I should do? I took generic Ambien for two years — 5 mg — every night and slept like a baby after years of not sleeping. No side effects — just slept and felt great.

When I learned it was terrible to stay on it, my dr gave me Trazadone? And it really doesnt work. So back to not sleeping. Which is worse — not sleeping or 5mg od Ambien? I have had bad headaches, dizziness and nausea when I missed a dose. I have successful cut my mg pills in half as needed in times when I was battling with my insurance company.

I have spent 2 weeks going back and forth with my insurance company and my doctor. The insurance reps tell me that it is covered with an authorization from my doctor. But when the doctor calls to give it to them, they tell her it is not covered. At this point, I am thinking I will just go off the meds completely and see how I do. I have been fine on half the dose so maybe cutting it down again will help with side effects.

I am between jobs anyway so I guess now is the best time to try.

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Hello, I wanted to share with readers my experience of trying to come off and be free of Pristiq. I am very familiar with the dizzyness…If I missed a pill, the dizzyness would set in. I have been taking these for about 5 years..

How to Wean Off Antidepressants

I have put on a lot of weight for me, and am and have been going through menopause for about 5 years as well… I am happy to say that despite what others have endured…I DID cut the little buggers up.. I feel that when I am experiencing these feelings, to be left alone is best for me…just to work through it — but then I feel very guilty — because my family does not deserve to be distanced….

OH well…. Yay… Good Luck to you all…hope you all get there in the end… Cheers. Having a strong genetic and personal history of depression, this drug has been a life saver for me for a long time. She tells people very clearly that there are often side effects when coming off it and monitors those people when that time comes.

Story Time: My Pristiq Withdrawal Experience - Mental Health Mess

Whether they help or not is not for me to say, but many are actually extremely dangerous when mixed with other meds. Good luck, all.

Wanting to go off Pristiq led me to this site. Making some changes, and hope to implement others soon. Can someone or several someones describe them for me? Is that a Brain Zap? Imagine a physical doctor prescribe metformin at first sign of diabetes! They almost always suggest diet and lifestyle changes. I never had any real depression symptoms, rather a lack of energy and I was ultimately diagnosed with hypothyroid. Prior to my diagnosis, however, a doctor had put me on Pristiq saying that it could help with my low energy levels.

Pristiq never helped me with energy since my problem was actually undiagnosed thyroid very common btw. After my thryroid diagnosis, I wanted so badly to be off Pristiq because it was a useless medication for me. I lurked in this forum and many others and I tried all kinds of methods for getting off of Pristiq. Eventually I DID get off of Pristiq and want to share how I did it in the hopes to help other people trying to come off of it. This method took me almost 6 months start to finish but overall it was not difficult and finally WORKED after so many miserable failed attempts.

What was good about this method was that I did not experience any extreme discomfort. No noticeable withdrawal symptoms during this time unless I went beyond 24 hours between doses. Again, no noticeable withdrawal symptoms during this time unless I went beyond 24 hours between doses.

Benadryl might be a good choice if one desired to get sleepy and rest more deeply. By Saturday evening, I kept my eyes closed mostly because looking around intensified the brain zaps. I rested in the dark and listened to audiobooks and podcasts in bed. I felt quite nervous on Saturday not knowing how long the symptoms would last. There were a few times I thought that I should just continue with my original plan. Mentally, I was hopeful that the symptoms would go away quickly, but was prepared that they possibly could indeed last much longer.

I fell asleep around midnight on Saturday and allowed myself to sleep until I woke up on Sunday — a solid 10 hours. The great news is that the brain zaps were minimal when I woke up on Sunday. They went away almost entirely by Sunday afternoon and I felt practically no withdrawal symptoms at all by Sunday evening. Note that on Sunday, I continued with all the serotonin-boosting items listed above.

Fish oil, dark chocolate, etc. The worst part was on Saturday evening, simply not knowing how long the withdrawal symptoms would last — would it be a few more hours? That unknowing was the worst part indeed, but it turned out to not be more than 24 hours. I am so grateful to be off Pristiq and I pray that this can work for other people out there. I also pray that this medication becomes more strictly regulated with smaller doses available for the purpose of coming off it and that doctors become more educated on just how much of a nightmare it can be to come off this drug.

I hope my story can help some of you out there.

What to Do When Experiencing Withdrawal

I wish you all the best and send you so much love and support. I successfully weened myself off of Celexa once and Effexor once. Both times I did it over a 4 -6 month period. I started even slower, reducing my dose every 4th day for several weeks, then every 3rd day for several weeks, then every other day… I never experienced any symptoms. I believe that has the best chance at causing you the least grief. The reason I used Lexapro is because I found someone on the internet who was successful with bridging off of Pristiq and the drug they used was Lexapro.

Basically I went on 10mg of Lexapro, and took it for a month along with my normal dose of Pristiq, Once I was at the end of the month, I dropped the Pristiq, with no taper, and continued to to take just the Lexapro at 10mg. I was amazed. I had hardly ANY withdrawal symptoms. The first day I had loose stools, and other than that, I had a tad bit off brain fog.

The most I made it was a week before having to go back on the meds. This Thursday is my 3 weeks off of Pristiq, and on Friday I begin my taper from Lexapro, cutting my dose every 3 weeks. Ive stopped taking pristiq for 3 days and im feeling so sick head spins etc.

The Carlat Psychiatry Blog: Top 5 Reasons to Forget about Pristiq

Everyone is different. Yes, these effects will diminish over time. You have to decide what is best for you. Can you wait for your current withdrawal symptom to go away, or do you need relief immediately? Watch coming off of the Pristiq, as I've mentioned, it can be pretty nasty. If I were you I'd put plans in place, like friends and family, just in case things go wrong.

But maybe you'll be lucky and it'll be easy for you. You never know. Meds don't actually "rewire" anything. Meds manipulate neurotransmitters which effects how often a synapse fires. It's a bit complicated but it's sort of like throwing pebbles in a glass of water — the water level goes up but the amount of water stays the same. When you remove the rocks, you're back to where you started. This is according to everything we know about meds and the brain thus far. I wish you the best of luck with this plan.

Just try to follow it and don't be afraid to call your doctor if you need to. Ok, I saw the psychiatrist on Tuesday and this is the plan…when i come back from vacation on the 24th I am to quit taking Pristiq. If this does not work i will go back on a low dose of seroquel about mg and then take a statin…I think with all of the meds you eventually reach a tolerance with them…absolutely NO to any increase in benzo's…he believes they are too dangerous in the long run.

And of course as "downers" can lead to depression. I think once you are on any of these meds for any length of time they rewire your brain…when i am off meds even for months I am so nervous and panic stricken and depressed I do not enjoy my life…. Probably rightfully so.

That's my theory anyway. I have never seen a study that proves that benzos are addictive of course, benzos due vary. Also, the possibility of addiction is greater in those with other addictions. Of course addiction is a slippery term and can be tough to prove. If your anxiety was successfully controlled on a benzo I would make a strong case for trying it again, and if the doctor says no, then ask to see some research.

There's really no reason why you should be in pain just because your doctor isn't up on the latest literature. You are exactly correct — some people can't live without their antidepressants and some people can't live without their benzos. I would be very pointed in asking the doctor what the difference is. FYI, part of the definition of addiction is that it must be harming your life or the lives of others in some way. If this was not the case for you, I would challenge the doctor on that also.

Actually, I could go on this topic for ages, so I'll just stop, but yes, be proactive with your doctor. If something works then it works damnit! Most of us don't even get that lucky. I'll take addiction any day of the week. I am going to come right out and ask him to put me on more clonezepam or valium at a higher dose until I am withdrawn from Pristiq…then I can start to taper til I'm at a low dose…I did very well on just 5 mg a day years ago…so what if you're addicted????

As long as you do not have to increase and I did not. The dr. I do not understand why dr's today are so happy to give you an antidepressant but not a benzo…I have had doseage increases for every antidepressant I've taken…just in a few months…Anxiety disorders run in my family…I am just so tired of all this crap…I have had such miserable withdrawals from seroquel, paxil and even prozac.

Tues and see what he has to say…. I have to say, if the Pristiq is all you are taking such a small amount of clonazepam isn't really a factor , those are very unusual side-effects to get. What you are describing sounds more like any antipsychotic. However, if you and your doctor agree it's the medication, then I suppose it must be. If Seroquel was the best for you, then you might try another antipsychotic. While they do all carry metabolic risk, some carry less than others, and you might react differently to a different one.

People seem to have a good response to the newer ones, but talk to your doctor about the right med for you. If you don't want to go the antipsychotic route, another antidepressant is also a reasonable choice. It sounds like you've tried a few but some antidepressants manipulate different neurotransmittors than Paxil and Prozac so you might want to ask your doctor about that.

Welbutrin is fairly unique, but again, talk to your doctor about which one is right for you. If all you are experiencing is anxiety and hot flashes I wonder if a benzodiazapine might do the trick. Again, that's something to talk to your doctor about.

How I Got Off Pristiq How I Got Off Pristiq
How I Got Off Pristiq How I Got Off Pristiq
How I Got Off Pristiq How I Got Off Pristiq
How I Got Off Pristiq How I Got Off Pristiq
How I Got Off Pristiq How I Got Off Pristiq
How I Got Off Pristiq How I Got Off Pristiq
How I Got Off Pristiq How I Got Off Pristiq

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