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BBC - Future - What life might be like in alien oceans

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As far as multicellular aliens are concerned, she says, things may get more complicated. Nasa announced this summer that its Dragonfly mission will launch in and arrive on Titan in It will land a drone-like craft to explore dozens of promising locations and look for signs of life.

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  7. This would be the first opportunity to explore a sea on another world, and it could inform the design of future submarines to explore the subsurface waters of Europa and other moons. The mission is still in its conceptual stage, some 20 years away, with scientists and engineers starting to investigate how to even build such a submarine.

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    But to really figure out what life might exist in these alien oceans, we will need to send a submersible. Intriguingly, Titan is also thought to have a liquid ocean of water deep beneath its icy outer layer, which would mean that in addition to its exotic surface life based on liquid methane, there could exist more Earth-like life under its surface.

    Some scientists think this moon has several different layers of ocean, separated by different types of ice that form at different depths and pressures.

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    If this is the case, each layer could, in theory, host different lifeforms adapted to local conditions at that depth. Nasa is also discussing sending a lander to Europa , as early as And, there is a private, Nasa-backed plan for a mission to Enceladus to look for life there that could take off in if it gets the green light later this year. But to really figure out what life might exist in these alien oceans, we will need to send a submersible, which will be tricky as such a vehicle would have to drill through several kilometres of ice to even reach the ocean.

    Nasa is funding some conceptual studies on how to do that. Their bot would sample ice and water as it descended, sending information back to the surface through a fibre optic cable. But, if lifeforms there turn out to be truly alien, we might struggle to detect them. In the distant future, though, some five billion years from now, when our Sun runs out of hydrogen fuel and starts expanding into a red giant phase before it eventually dies, it will melt the ice on these moons and turn them into much more Earth-like places.

    There should be liquid water on their surface and more temperate climates, perhaps opening up the possibility of life evolving there then — or at least harbouring refugees from the scorched Earth. In the distant future, if we are to survive, we will all have to become migrants and hope these newly habitable worlds welcome us as our own world gets too hot for life. Future Menu. What is BBC Future? Follow the Food. Future Now.

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