Running of the Bulls

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Also, having knowledge of the bull run tradition and history was a nice touch that enhanced our understanding of the festival. Brilliant opportunity to watch the Running of the Bulls, a bucket list activity ticked! Francisco was awesome in ensuring all the arrangements ran like clockwork, with excellent communication throughout.

Running of the Bulls

Thank you Francisco, we will recommend you to all who ask after our experience. Both Fran and his wife were so lovely and extremely helpful! Would recommend to anyone!!

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Want to dig a little deeper and discover what the wonderful city of Pamplona has to offer besides fun and games? Tons of quality and entertaining information from the locals to you. Trust us!

July 6th — July 14th. Watch the nail-biting excitement of El Encierro in this action-packed video.

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On each day of the festival six bulls are released to run from their corral through the narrow, cobbled streets of the old town over an meter course. Ahead of them are the runners, who try to stay close to the bulls without falling over or being gored.

Revellers enjoyed the atmosphere Saturday, during the opening day of the festival. People celebrated the official opening of the festival on Saturday.

Pamplona, Spain: Running of the Bulls

Participants ran on the second bullrun of the San Fermin festival on Monday. Revellers ran next to fighting bulls from Cebada Gago ranch on Monday.

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United States. Susana Vera , Jon Nazca. Revellers sprint near bulls and steers during the running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, July 11,

Running of the Bulls
Running of the Bulls
Running of the Bulls
Running of the Bulls
Running of the Bulls

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