Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks)

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Central Passage Schulman, J. Rainbow Cadenza Scott, G. Firth George Firth. A Description of Millenium Hall Artamene ou le Grand Cyrus Mathile d'Aguilar Scutti, Susan. Second Generation e-book See, Carolyn.

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Golden Days UC Press. The Second Deluge post-disaster "Sexual Chemistry" rated R - The lead character takes a potion that switches his sex every time he's aroused. Shah, Idries, editor. World Tales Shanks, Edward. The Call. Naiad Press "Two planets, three species, one deadly illness. To its human visitors, the planet Ganelle - home to a peace-loving humanoid race adapted to life on land and in water - seems like a dream come true. Forbidden reentry to their home planet and unable to find a cure on Ganelle, the colonists disocver that the key to survival lies elsewhere. Only the Kel, an outlawed group from a distant colony, know the secret link between humans and Ganellians.

If the humans join forces with the Kel, they can undergo a powerful transformation that will allow them to live and love in the alien world. But at what cost? Shaw, William Jenkins. House, New York , anonymously. Thomas ] Sheckley, Robert.

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Son of Man sex changes Simone, Cathrine. Blueheart Sinclair, Upton. The Millennium: A Comedy of the Year ; 3 volumes Horsemaster young adult; girl's coming of age Singleton, Jacqui. Heartstone and Saber lesbian amazon romantic adventure Sizemore, Susan. Gates of Hell [bisexual] Laws of the Blood [bisexual vampires] Sky, Kathleen.

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Ship of Destiny Slung, Michele. Also includes "Festival" by Eric McCormack, which was wierd but good -- and interesting in that you can't detect the protagonists' gender.

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    Smith, Titus K. Turnabout s or s - body switch story; also made into a movie Smith, Wayland. The Machine Stops Smyth, Clifford. Sleep of Reason Sosnowski, David. Rapture a disease called angelism hits america Soukup, Martha. The Road and the Hills A Cloud Over Water Handfasted not published until Spinrad, Norman. The Iron Dream Child of Fortune Time travel to Crete, a society of equality between men and women. Clair, Margaret. Pseudonym Idris Seabright. The Dancers of Noyo Stabenow, Dana. Gordon Stables?

    Blood of Kerensky series: incest etc. Lethal Heritage Blood Legacy Wild Card Run Berkley, Win, Lose, Draw Ace, Double Blind Ace, Stapledon, Olaf. Odd John Stapleford, Brian. A strange little book, in some ways very reminiscent of standard sexist tropes of insect-like matriarchies; some retrograde comparisons between the matriarchy and the depiction of the non-matriarchal society in which men are largely dominant; and a dynamic in which the matriarchal race is comprised of very beautiful queens with pheromones irresistible to human males.

    On the other hand, this story avoids some of the more ridiculously sexist trademarks of similarly themed works. In some ways it was as if Steele was using the old sexist trope, and tinkering with it just slightly to make it somewhat more realistic from a feminist viewpoint. For instance, the female queen Anii is actually quite happy to maintain the "dominant" role in sex, and doesn't feel the desire to be submissive to her human male love Padrec ; Padrec, similarly, while unhappy about being, essentially, a sex slave, is nevertheless not that unhappy about it, and is unhappy mostly from the perspective of a free and individual human being, not from the perspective of thwarted masculinity.

    In fact, the treatment of the sex slavery is handled quite interestingly: Anii constantly reminds herself that Padrec's reactions are more akin to those of another queen from her species being kept in captivity, and not like the reactions of the basically non-sentient males of her species.

    Steele wasn't quite as successful in treating the sexist plot realistically in terms of describing the female characters, who are all apparently nubile, beautiful young things. Anii sees open-mouthed kissing as a submission gesture, for instance, but doesn't feel any need to be submissive herself; instead, she uses it as an obvious show of dominance over Padrec.

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    Anii's reflections on human society may be nothing more than the alien perspective on preexisting sexism; but, in the absence of any critique by Padrec of sexism in his own culture, feel more like an imposed authorial perspective. Fangs of Evil Shadow of the Fox Stein, Hank. Season of the Witch body-swapping Stein, Paul.

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    Tarzan and the Amazons Superscope: children's books Stephens, Cleo. Dreams of Dawn. New York: Ballantine Books, Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net Holy Fire Stevens, Frances Francis? Claimed A World in Spell Stevermer, Caroline. The Serpent's Egg A College of Magics River Rats Stewart, Alex. Includes "Odd Attachment" by Iain M. Stine, Jean Marie. Season of the Witch Stirling, S. A little more sexually explicit than Lieber and more into bondage. Interesting editorial comments from the author give a different spin sometimes to Cheon's actions and speech. Strickland, W.

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    7 Sci Fi Erotic Stories: Sci-Fi Erotica Collection

    The Calling of Bara Sullivan, Tricia. Dreaming in Smoke Sussex, Lucy. Sutphen, Van Tassel. The Doomsman Sutton, Paralee Sweeten. A bizarre utopia, very Christian-oriented, very old-style utopia with a white heterosexual couple voyaging in a balloon to the perfect city.

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    Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks) Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks)
    Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks) Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks)
    Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks) Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks)
    Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks) Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks)
    Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks) Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks)
    Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks) Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks)
    Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks) Selinas Submission & Slave of Darkness (Chimera 2 in 1 Erotic eBooks)

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