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Nora Roberts books stand up to being read over and over. I agree. Thank you so much Nora Roberts and Laura! Nora writes fantastic books and should stand up for herself! I own all of the In Death series except Connections and Vendetta and every one of them was bought with my own money. Go Nora! I had no idea there was such a flawed system behind it. Good luck in your fight, and never let anyone try and stop you from standing up for your work!

The book stuffers are pretty obvious. Big spaces a d lots of them throughout the work to make the book s huge. What happened to honor and integrity? Although, as you have so correctly explained, the lazy, ruthless act of plagiarism has been around for a long time. Nora, this would feel rather like having your child kidnapped and dismembered. I can only support by voice, having no extra funds to send to help all the authors but support you all I do. Her characters and stories have inspired me to write my own stories. Now I absolutely adore her v. This whole situation is infuriating, and I have so much admiration for you and Courtney for standing up for yourselves and the other authors who have been plagiarized.

And for damned sure nobody deserves to have their work stolen by plagiarists. LOL inbetween writing. How peculiar. She actually dedicated her book to herself? What a putz. What did it say? This make me seriously angry. Being a non-writer, but voracious reader of several genres, I am in awe of well written books and their authors. I love ALL the Nora books. These days, my attention span seems shorter, and it takes a great book to keep me wanting to read until it is done.

Years ago, I was a Janet Dailey fan. I remember some books could immobilize me from cover to cover likely Nora copies , and others not so much. Hopefully others will think twice before attempting such abject obnoxiousness is that a word? That is exactly how I felt reading Janet Dailey books. One would be fabulous and then the next would be a hot mess. I stopped reading her and never missed it.

I was shocked but then not when my sister-in-law told me of this. WHY do people think its okay to steal?? No one should benefit from your talent but you and yours! How can people live with this? It is theft pure and simple and a crime. It should be treated as such. Seriously, when I want to read a Nora Roberts book, I buy one with your name on it!

Trying to recover the tatters of your career? Good for Nora!! Kick some butt lady!! What an incrediable awknowledgment of and use of your privilege as a top tier author. It takes confidence, kindness, and a sense of justice I admire and respect. Words are hard to come by as you know having written all your books and the theft of your hard work is despicable! I am so sorry for you but glad that you are fighting back hard.

Way to go! Only when someone sues Amazon will they do anything about it. They are the ones responsible for allowing this to go on unchecked. Maybe claim lost earnings from them? Or Fiverr or Upwork — both places allow people to pay someone just 20 dollars to write a book for them. People paying this pittance for people to write how to books they can earn money off — expecting fully researched detailed books. There are hundreds of sites promoting this as a way to get rich quick. How to play the system. Amazon has done an equal amount of harm and good on everything. Sadly, we are turning into an I want it and I want it now society, which is what those thieves pray on.

With so many books out there to choose from now, what are the odds one will get caught. I have an author list and I stick to it. If the system identifies plagiarism, Amazon should refuse to publish. I totally agree with you, Anne. Something Amazon and other publishers should have done from the beginning.

They should definitely be held accountable. The real problem are these sites for internet marketers that tout kindle publishing as an easy way to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings, just by hiring ghosts and stiffing them. And all of that happens. It spits out babble, which is why so many of these books are so astoundingly horrible, but people do it. Nora, you are my hero! Thank you for taking a stand against plagiarism! Please unlease Hell on this piece of scum. I say you go girl! I remember when I heard the news about Dailey. I felt so hurt and angry on your behalf, Nora.

I made a vow from that point to never read a Dailey book. Further, I would buy and read every book you published. I admired how you respected your readers by noting new books versus reissued books; maintaining excellent standard of storytelling and being accessible to your fans.

At times my budget strains under my vow, yet every cent has been worth it. Thank you for setting the example how you handle thieves! I was so upset to hear this about Dailey. I remember the whole Dailey horror. To me, you are the best and tops. I wish there was another way of saying Thank You- for all the pleasure your books bring to my life. My mom reads Dailey and is always telling me I need to read her books! Not now, not ever! Fie and double fie on them!!!

Thanks for sharing this. Also, very happy that there is now an Instagram account! I made the decision not to read any book of hers after, and i stuck with it. This is pure, unadulterated theft!! Never have I ever trusted Nora and her books more than I do now. I remember the fiasco of very well.

I was outraged for Nora then, as I am now. There is not another writer who has given me more joy, more wonder, more pages to read. One of my most cherished memories of my now deceased Mom was our love for Nora and her books. The way we would read and discuss them, and wait with baited breath for the next book. I have had the privilege to meet and listen to Nora talk about her books twice. Once with my beloved and much missed Mom, and once with a friend. And I want to know the names of those who try, because I will be interested in doing whatever I can to get the word out and stand up for Nora.

I admire her dedication to her fans and her work. Hang in there, Nora. Your fans love you and will never let you down. Very sorry for this. I remember the Janet Daily case, was glad you stood strong. So good luck with the fight. Serruya is nothing but a con woman. Hope she is dealt with in a severe manner. Thanks for all your hard, entertaining, and wonderful work. Nora I was not much of a reader until I discovered your books. I was hooked! I love how you research the subjects.

As a reader I my knowledge has broadened. I had no idea this went on until I read your blog which I really enjoy. Like so many things going on in the US today these people are out there. I have issues with trust as do many others. Who can you trust? Hang in there! Blessings to you. Keep writing those wonderful books. Betrayal such as this saddens me and sickens me. Nora — you are tougher and stronger and smarter and much better than those who plagiarize your writing.

Your readers and fans have your back! I have a short list of favorite authors. Nora Roberts has topped that list for many, many years. I remember reading about Dailey stealing and have not read a word of her since, and now learning about the continued issue with plagiarism, am very glad I am very selective on who I read Nora being top of the list.

I have had so many enjoyable occasions finding new gems or revisiting prior gems in any of the In Death books to count. Thank you, Nora, for being you and allow me to peak into your creativity by putting a story together that brings intense comfort, joy, and laughter to my world. It completely changed my view of Janet and I never read another book by her. Thank you Nora for standing up for your rights. You are an amazing talent and I love all of your work, under your name and the JD Robb books.

Kudos, Nora. You are one classy, sassy, brassy broad! I had no idea. As a reader, I feel cheated …. I agree…go get them Nora!!!! Like, why exactly, would you need to save that bit of descriptive prose? A lot of readers highlight their favorite lines. Some of them use it to review later and some do it for teasers or some just like to highlight. I cannot begin to express how much I admire you and how grateful I am you brought all of this up. The underbelly of our indie writing and publishing industry is plagued with scammers and people without an ounce moral fiber.

But in the past year, it has gotten disgustingly worse. As an independently published author, we have to battle these scammers and thieves on a near daily basis. The high road is always the better road to take. I remember being so disappointed that a writer I had read and admired had done this. Such an insidious attack. A personal one. But to follow up with going public when you were being honored at RWT?

Devious and premeditated. Rant away, dear Nora, and a special thank you to Laura for having your back. There are many readers who do, too. As a lifetime reader, an long time fan, I am appalled and horrified that this type of thing happens. I am so very sorry to learn of it, and absolutely support going after anyone stealing and copying and passing off as their own.

[ Horror audiobook ] revulsion and delight - fantasy Short Stories

Not cool and not ok. As a self-published author although I do have an agent and publisher for my audio books , I whole-heartedly agree with laying much of the blame for black-hat practices in publishing on Amazon. They could clean up many of the problems, but refuse to even acknowledge them.

And when the black hats are collectively raking in millions a year, there is no incentive for them to get religion. The serious writers, who work their asses off often alongside regular day jobs—so they can wrangle words to paper, pay out of pocket for editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, book promoters, advertising, in order to put out the best possible product—get drowned out by the savvy cheaters who make it virtually impossible to get a foot aground by legitimate means.

So thank you, it helps to feel less like a David trying to stand up to Goliath when the big sisters rise up! So much this. I agonize over every plot point, question my character development, and in general try to put out the best work I can. All while holding down a full time job. And no matter what, it destroys reader confidence and lowers our entire genre.

I love that Ms. Roberts is so strong…and had that strength to stand up for her work and herself. I hope she can feel the support from anyone and everyone and I am thankful she stands firmly behind other authors, offering her support. Stay strong! Thank you for having our backs. As a little known, self-published author, I, too, have had ideas and words stolen. I thank you so much for what you just wrote, and for always, always being honest and forthright in what you do. Those of us who value the words we string together into sentences and books will survive this. If I can help, just ask.

I loved reading this. Thank you for standing up, and for using your voice and your influence to combat this. Thank you for fighting the fight. We support you! Ps: I have been a fan of you since the 90s, just before the scandal. When I see Janet Dailey books at thrift stores and free exchange shelves, I grab them, bring them home, and systematically destroy them. The less of her work floating around, the better. I also regularly use that situation as an example when I am teaching my students about plagiarism. My TBR list has just grown. Amazon has the power to check every single submitted work for plagarism.

Best Friends for Frances

They can do it. They just choose not to. If we can force them to enact such a simple tactic we could save so many honest, hard working indies. I heard about Janet Dailey plagiarizing Nora Roberts years ago. I was a reader of Janet Dailey years ago. I will and have not picked up one of her books. Stealing the creative process, the way she weaves the story. The plagerizer is lazy and not able to create.

It was deceitful in his opinion. This whole thing, like other things before it, really shake me. Right on, Nora. I read your books because I love your stories and style of writing. I also love your books because I know, you, and only you, write them. Integrity is certainly in short supply these days. Good to know you are willing to fight for what is right. Your writing is so distinctive. I know how I felt when another author used some deceptive practices with my books, although not plagiarism. I remember vividly when this happened the first go round.

I am soo sorry that this is happening again. It really is sad the way the world has changed. All this technology — but it makes me long for the good ol days. Folks want the easy way and will take it however they will. Hang in there Nora. Always have, always will. You can take that to the bank. Thank you, Nora, for every one of your wonderful books, for being a gutsy, straight-shooting woman, and for always speaking your mind.

This truly sickens me. To know there are people out there making money off plagiarizing the work of bestselling authors is appalling. It sounds like some sort of plagiarism enforcement team needs to be established. I am sorry that this happened to you. I sometimea think those people dont realize the blood, sweat, tears and emotions that go into every one of your books. I am proud that you are willing to fight for what is right and fair not only for yourself but other writers as well. Kudos for you standing up and not willing to just sweep it under the carpet! I never thought, at the time, to notify a publisher or author.

But now, that would be my first thought!! Nora and other legitimate authors deserve some protection against these unscrupulous people. As an independent author who started my own press to publish independently and to help other authors publish, I am infuriated on your behalf and on the behalf of all of the authors out there who are getting so taken advantage of my this system.

God bless you. I was a newby little writer who had no idea what was happening. Thirty books later in a completely different genre Christian fiction , I can say that you have been and continue to be a role model for writers. Thanks for the blog. Like a form of abuse really. The entire process feels insipid. Did she really believe no one would catch it? Thank you, for trusting your readers to understand and appreciate your hard work, as an author and an advocate. But, thank you so much, Nora. As a long-time trad author turned indie, I see authors on both sides of the fence getting hurt by this sort of scammer-hell.

Thank you for caring about the author community, as well. Hi Nora! Thank you for sharing your experience. I do have one little nitty pick. There is no shame in utilizing critique to make a book better. Yes, my wonderful crew of ladies DO absolutely whip my book into shape. And me sometimes. A book doctor is someone paid to fix a book that needs fixing. I do absolutely pay my editor though. And as a relatively new author, developmental editing is my very bestest friend. I have an editor—she gets paid by my publisher, but if I were an indie writer, I would also pay a professional editor.

Every writer needs an editor, every one. I am sorry this happened to you. I am glad to see you and others with larger platforms helping those with smaller ones. I always fear releasing things in writing. It used to just be pirates, but now it seems we must fear some authors, too. And good on the fans for saying something!

This is awesome. Thank you for taking such strong stand. As a newbie author self published — every darn word is mine it means a lot to see someone of your accomplishments standing up for the right thing, and fighting for your work. It gives those of us who are just starting out some hope that we can succeed doing things the right way.

I believe in the end good writing will triumph over the crap. I am so sorry you were stolen from Nora. What an enraging thing to happen and what a brazen scam Serruya concocted. Thank you for bringing the whole ghostwriting problem into the light. I am lucky that I could prove them wrong because I have seen other authors flounder and leave publishing because of such abuse. You are correct, the money-grabbing culture that has developed since KU was introduced is ugly.

This is the carrot on the stick for scammers. I would love to know if Serruya ever got an All-Star-Bonus. If so, that needs to go on the list of money she owes- because that was stolen from a pot that should have been distributed between thousands of authors. Ghostwriting saved my life. It pays my bills and allows me to buy a house. I have never plagiarized a word an never would. But to categorically slam everyone who uses one or is one, is not the answer. Great, that benefits authors, but ghostwriters get unfairly hurt, when even fiction ghostwriters do have a place. And I work collaboratively with writer to ensure their vision is achieved.

Using a ghostwriter is not a crime if you do it right. This person did not. It remains my personal stand that readers deserve the transparency. Unfortunately because of this woman, ghostwriters are being thrown under the bus. The problem really lies with the people using them for the wrong reasons. A GW who writes in different genres could maintain several, actually. Whether you choose to accept that under your own name and publicly is then entirely up to you.

You need to read it again. It pays my bills and allowed me to buy a house. When I first started reading, I read a lot of Janet Daily. Her books were in my price range. I advanced to the longer novels, and I heard about the plagerism. I noticed that some of her books are starting to appear again. I think I may even have one of her old pb tucked away in a closet. I loved Janet Daily back in day. I had everyone of her books.

When I heard about the plagiarism back then it was like no way would Janet do that.

Lawrence Block

Then I read both the books again and yes Janet had done that. All 60ish of her books went in the trash. Nora, this new stuff is hard to swallow. Go get. And bring them down hard! Love you! Thanks for holding people like JD and this newest thief accountable. Reading a new book is a joy. Stealing a book is just that — a crime. But the weird thing is: we have a strong community of readers and writers of romance here.

And getting bigger every year with lots of books being published. Nobody reads her. I asked in our groups in Facebook, asked my friends who have been reading much before I started. And we know a bunch of writers who were never published in portuguese. I wish she could go to jail for what she did. And I really hope all these authors sue her. She should be forbidden to ever publish a book again. It happens with everything, people stealing pictures of your hard work and claiming it as their own.

This goes on in the soaping world too. They then purchase your product then turn around and advertise it as their own on somewhere like Amazon and sell it for outrageous prices.

V for Vendetta (graphic novel) - social science fiction

These people…all of them…make me enraged, sick and disgusted because they are thieves. And I really hate a thief! I used to read Janet Daily and had just started reading Nora back in the 90s when this happened. I stopped reading Janet when I heard about her plagiarism. I am a former teacher who used to read papers that were literally cut and pasted from the internet. Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate you speaking out about this so we can be more aware and support those people who come by their work honestly and ethically.

I am not a writer, never can claim to be. Thank you. I was in line to have my favorite book by you signed. You made a joke about something to me, and all I could do was smile, nod and hold that book out, starstruck as meeting my Idol. They are healthy, well-adjusted adults now who all read romance and I still see you as a True Lady who gave me courage and strength without even knowing it.

Thank you for that. For Standing. For showing how it should be done. I was thrilled! Then I was half-way through it when I realized it was the plot to a Nora Roberts book I had read years prior. No questions. Very sad and shameful to steal the hard work of other authors. As for the new case of plagiarism, I feel ashamed that she is Brazilian. God bless you Nora, you are one of my favorites. I am equally proud of you and your response. Your readers will always support you because we love you.

Your books have provided hours of enjoyment for us. Thank you for sharing this information. Many years ago I read a book that had several plot points almost identical to a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book that I had read a couple of years before. I wrote to Ms Phillips about it, and actually got a reply from her. She thanked me for the letter, and said she thought it was inadvertent, and not substantial enough to be concerned about.

I always wondered of more went on behind the scenes afterwards. As one of the fellow authors on the list of those Serruya plagiarized, thank you for this post, and the support. Thank you for bringing to light Amazons underbelly. Authors work hard at their craft and work hard to get published. I just cover her book up with another authors. I first came to your work in Please note that the number of challenges and the number of reasons for those challenges do not match because works are often challenged on more than one ground.

There were challenges to materials used in college classes, and 30 to academic libraries. There are isolated cases of challenges to library materials made available in or by prisons, special libraries, community groups, and students. The vast majority of challenges were initiated by parents 2, , with patrons and administrators to follow and respectively. This number reflects all the challenges we received since July 31, for the time period. OIF has only been collecting data about banned banned books since , so we do not have any lists of frequently challenged books or authors before that date.

I called her Sombrawolfdog. Both excellent in their own right. The ending is so totally unexpected! Natchez Burning by Greg Iles is amazing!!! It was fantastic. Your suggestions, and those in the comments, have helped me put my summer reading list together!! Just did not like it at all. Same author. Stunningly beautiful prose,and I actually learned things about the Russian Revolution.

I like this Second Towles better than Rules. A Gentleman in Moscow was my favorite book last year. Have you started savoring Dickens yet? Did anybody feel the same? One of my many favorites of last year. Thanks for the recommendations. I wish there was more of it! It is a classy classic horror story unlike anything you have ever read. Very well written and full of Southern lifestyles and elegance. He knows his setting well, too.

This is one of the best and most unsettling books I have read. He is or was one of the ten or so masters of the genre. Not sure how I stumbled across this post, but thanks! I had read a few of these and enjoyed them, so downloaded a couple of these as audiobooks and have loved them!

Haha Katie. I only listen to books or I would never get anything done. I too, came across this site and am downloading as many books as I can.

Listening to What She Knew, which someone on here recommended. Hi Sandy, I use Overdrive a lot. I have several library cards. I also find a lot online at torrent sites. Keep your head up there for a while longer and keep looking. The rest of us will have a civilized conversation. The Hearts of Horses by Molly Gloss is very good. Of course it depends on what you like. I found it touching and interesting. She meets a lot of people and the experiences she has help her grow.

She loves horses.

Books by Linda Stephenson

You can check it out on Amazon. I like stories about horses and that surround horses or contain horses and stories about other times and stories about women who do things differently. I hope you give it a try! But the books… until 3am reading for sure on the first 2 or 3 in the series.

Unfortunately outlander took me months to read! I found them very slow reads and not one you can read in 24 hours. Even switching to audio it took me weeks to finish the book. Well, different strokes for different folks, I always say. The first book was good but the 2nd book just dragged for me! Sorry outlander fans. Hated the second book of the series…took me forever to finish. Finally, just skipped parts. The rest of the series is great. Many readers had some trouble with book 2 and stopped reading the series. They are missing out on a great epic story. They are thick books….

I found them very compelling…and hard to put down though, even then it does take more than a day to read. But I read the first one in about 3 days which is quick for a page book! I loved them. I did find a couple of titles on your list I will try though! So thanks! I always like to see what others put on their great reads list. Have your read any Jodi Picoult? Jodi picoult what I read were very good. I loved the storyteller that was the first one I read by her. I did like the tv show though.

My Sisters Keeper is one of my all time favorites. So different from the movie. I love how all her books have a surprising twist! The Storey teller was a great book! I just finished SmalGreat Things by the same author. I found it to be a good read. I have also been hooked on Jojo Moyes and enjoyes reading all the books I could find by her. The first Outlander was amazing. To me, they got steadily worse and repetitive after the first one. Funny, I was able to put Dark Matter down.

I agree the Fault In Our Stars was great! Since you enjoyed that try Picoults My Sisters Keeper. You will laugh you will cry! The whole series is amazing. Have you read Memoirs of a Geisha? Compelling, tragic but so satisfying to read! I reread it every few years-so good! A classic. True story too. I find Chris Bojalian books to be hour page turners for sure. They are though provoking, suspenseful, but very sophisticated and detailed.

I also love that most of his books are set either in rural Vermont or the hip city of Burlington, VT. I just read The Wonder by Emma Donoghue in 24 hours and came to this post to see if it was on the list. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Redeeming Love by: Francine Rivers. Francine Rivers is my absolute favorite Christian writer! Read in 24 hours or less. And any book by Laine Moriarty. Every one of hers I can never stop!! SO FUN to come across a list like this. Though The City, also by Dean Koontz took a few days, it was an excellent read! My newest unputdownable was very long, but so good.

Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato. I just finished A Man Called Ove.

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It was one of my favorite books of all time. Go read it or listen to it on Audible…the narrator is fabulous! All three I have read and I highly recommend all. Ove was great. We discussed A J Fikry at my book club. Read Guernsey a long time ago but I liked it. Listening to A Man Called Ove right now and love it. Find myself chuckling outloud as a I am out walking the dog! My sister and I executed a one week, self-planned trip to Guernsey based on our total enjoyment of this book!

Not even sure if I took a bathroom break. Loved them! Read any book by Edward Bunker. Christian books. Once I finish up this series I plan to read some of her others, she has written many. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. By far my favorite read in a long time. Completely un-put-down-able Loved Ove as well!

I read it a few months ago — mixed the title up with another one! Had to get through to stop worrying and feeling scared, and every other emotion! Great book! Read in 24 hours — I could not sleep until I finished it! It chronicles the life of a gal named Lucy, whose parents marry her off at 15 in the year to a 50 year old Civil War vet. Favorite of all time. I started 23 years ago. The audible versions by Davinia Porter are amazing. My husband would never read them, but we are now listening to book 5. Fate Ball by Adam W.

Jones Fantastic debut novel about love and loving someone with an addiction. A quick read and a powerful story. Aw I love this! Not a traditional book club but one for chitchat about books being read! Love Liane Moriarty! I have read everything she has written but Three Wishes touched home for me the most followed by Big Little Lies. Nothing better than a good book.

Anything by Charles Martin is awesome! What an incredible story!!!!

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I listened to this book!! The readers were two women and did an unbelievable job. Not to mention that the story was incredible. I felt like I was in the car with them. Another incredible listen is Story Hour. Speak by Lauri Halse Anderson. My daughter had to read it for school. We ended up with an extra copy. I started reading it before I went to worked and finished it that night. Stunning read! A Man Called Ove — I listened to it on audiobook and then reread it because it was sooo good. I am reading Beartown, the latest book, read the first three and the short one on saying goodbye…had no problems with the others.

This one is more difficult, the theme is much deeper than hockey, but all the hockey references slow me down! Loved Little Big Lies…and anything else by Moriarity. Just finished Hillbilly Elegy—a must read about a very poor segment of society. Also like The Girl in Cabin Ten. Love my books! BTW, there was also a movie made, and I was surprised at how good it was. Lots of details were left out, but whoever wrote the screenplay did an amazing job. Rare to find. One of my all time favorites as well. I loved this book, but hated the ending to the movie. I thought the ending of the book was perfection.

I cried intensely.

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Wow, three of the four you have above are also my all time favorites. I still miss PK and Owen! I listen to my books, a long commute. I received it as a gift from someone who knew I loved to read but not sure what I liked to read. Same person gave me The Power of One. She is now my source of must have books. She is now my source for must have books. Some great books on this list! Another author I breeze through because their just that good is anything by Jessica gadziala.

Both are so good but I could not put Shifting down and I have a hard time getting into anything else. The Art of Racing in the Rain, is probably one of my all time favorites! Love dogs, loved the story, cried a lot. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was so compelling that I read it for two days straight, hardly taking a moment to sleep! Oh to be loved like she was!!! I raced through Inconceivable by Tegan Wren. Would these books be good for a 16yo? Mainly avoiding graphic sexual content and super strong language?

It is fiction based on a true happening…a horrific fire in that burned much of coastal Maine. Excellent book! I highly recommend it! Janet Evanovich — Stephanie Plum Series, have been reading this series for over 17 years, still makes me laugh out loud! All of Elin Hilderbran. The first book I remember reading in one sitting was The Color Purple.

I had bought it the day before and that Saturday morning I picked it up to read a bit while having my coffee. I absolutely could not stop reading…no chores done that day! Horrible user experience, kick them off your ad program! But thanks for the list. I would buy a few of them but my eyes are blinked by the rapid blinking of the ad. I will come back later! Some of them sound good. You need an ad block plug in or at least I think that is the proper term- but I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and an add blocker allows you to control what is popping up or blinking or flashing or scrolling or flapping and squalling… and generally interfering with your ability to focus on the content that you wish to enjoy.

I wish you well, content warrior! If you use Firefox, Ad Block Plus is an awesome ad blocker. Try Firefox or Chrome. Read each one in a day or less. Going to see what our library has from your list, I rarely buy books anymore. Over 13, reviews on Amazon. Her story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. I loved that one too! Some people in my book club had trouble keeping the characters straight but I enjoyed it. But it was really interesting and well thought out.

I loved it. I am staying away from The Lake House based on the description. I loved Maude! Another great and spooky read is Graveminder by Melissa Marr, and anything Alice Clayton reads is instantly devoured by me. Great list—What Alice Forgot is great. All of the women are dirt poor in the midst of the Great Depression. Many are Native American. It is a non-fiction book that reads like fiction.

I could not get past the first 60 pages. I tried I really really did, but every time I went to pick it up I was dreading it. I made it to page 60 and declared it a good attempt. I have recommended it countless times. I prefer fast paced books, something that keeps me coming back for more.

Thought it was overhyped. I LOVED Arthur, I had to wait a couple days to read another book after finishing because I just wanted to think about this book for a while and mourn the characters being over for me! I stayed up 2 nights way too late to read it just because I felt so good while reading the book. Sister, Sister by Sue Forten was a great way to spend time on a plane. Layla Hagen- has a series about the Bennett family. Each book I have read in a day. I love the series and each book individually. The Rosie Project drew me in immediately, and The Paris Architect kept me thinking about it after it was finished.

Loving Frank made me do some research. All great reads. Bittersweet by La Toya T Haynes! Read in a day…. Love a good contemporary romance novel. Thanks for the great list! It truly moved me. Not a horror theme and totally compelling from start to finish. Loved this book. I am just amazed anyone can finish a book in an afternoon!!! Takes me days and even weeks to finish even the most interesting books.

You ladies are amazing. Goodness Falls by Ty Roth is a great one-afternoon read! One of my favorite books! We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is also an excellent book; I read it in two days. I read Of Sand and Ash and cant stop thinking about it. Beautifully written and both a romance and a history lesson. I just read I am the messenger by Markus Zusak. Oooh this looks goood! Will check some more on this list. Great post! Susan Meissner A Fall of Marigolds is a new favorite author of mine.

She does her research and weaves it beautifully into her story! They must all be good because my library was out of ALL of them! It was so good I could not put it away! Loved these suggestions! Ride in the squad car from the comfort of your favorite reading chair. It is a story about rescuing a baby wild blue jay and the family that raised and released him. He comes back everyday as the Mom has Ovarian Cancer. As the author says by the end you will wonder just who saved who!

It is available on Amazon and kindle too. Pick any A. Riddle book if you found that one sci-first intresting. His sci-fi novels have this awesome Clive Cussler feel to them and will definitely keep you in suspense. Wanna quick read? Great for a quick read on a portable. A fun little tale about the adventures of a Wish Facilitator.

You have excellent taste. Every single book by Colleen Hoover! Her books are just that good! She really drags you into them and connects you with the characters. I was excited to find this list- I have it on my fridge! So far I liked You let me go a lot! And You will know me, enjoyed as well.

Plus I mostly listen on audio , so maybe that contributed. Seemed everyone loved that book but me. Thanks for the great ideas!!! Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. I read it a few weeks ago, and now I want to re-read it slowly to savor it. Just love love love them. I bought it for a plane ride; I was up early and thought I would read and sleep, but that was before I read the first chapter. Beautiful book! I finished it six hours later as we landed.

I started telling my family all about it, only to find they had been passing around their copies to each other and friends. Loved it! These 2 books led me to reading everything that Liane Moriarty has published. Looking forward to the other books. I will load some on my Kindle. All page-turners!

Liane Moriarity has become my new favorite author!!! Which one did you enjoy more? I love this list and thanks for the feedback , What Alice Forgot will be my next one.. Hi Paige, I only listen to books because I need to multitask. I listened to What Alice Forgot and loved it. I believe if the narrator is good it makes the book even better. Very helpful and I will check those out as well. Available through Amazon and well worth the read. My new favourite author. In a dark, dark wood. By Ruth Ware. A book you could read in 24hrs also.

Thought I would share. It will become part of my summer reading list. Just finished in 48 hours. It was that good. Also a YA novels that probably appeals as much to adults as teens. Thanks for the suggestions! Read it in 24 hours. We read it for Book Club and we all agreed it was contrived…definitely not one of his best. Luckily, I had asked an expert to speak about human trafficking who made the reading more worth while.

Guest Room is better than his newest one Sleepwalker, but the new one is still a great read! I second that suggestion! Loved the complex, believable characters in the backdrop of World War II. You can find it on Amazon. Note: There is some difficult subject matter relating to genocide.

OMG it was so good. One to tetras every summer. I love books by Amy Harmon. I read Sand and Ash in about 8 hours. Her characters are always amazing! Loved this list! Working on a few of them as I write this comment, but mostly just excited to go out there and buy a few new ones, thank you for sharing! Just discovered Julia Keller. Read her first: A Killing in the Hills. Now onto Bitter River…slower but really good. Loved Rules of Civility! Amor Towles is a genius. Highly recommend A Gentleman in Moscow, sublime story and characters. All of the books that I have read by the author Sharon Sala I have had real problems putting them down until I am finished.

Ever read the Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell? Dark Matter was fantastic! Thanks for the suggestion. Really liked What Alice Forgot up til the end. Then it got wonky. Love Josephine Tey but her books are so hard to find! Released May YA fantasy with adventure, a spirited heroine, and lots of fun! This is the 1st in a trilogy; 2 will be out May ! I think I had my roommates wait until I finished I may have driven us there! It was my intro to Vonnegut. Provenance by Donna Drew Sawyer.

I got blindsided so many times I read the book in two and a half hours. Also read Behind Closed Doors yesterday in one sitting.

The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.) The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.)
The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.) The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.)
The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.) The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.)
The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.) The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.)
The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.) The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.)
The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.) The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.)
The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.) The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.)
The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.) The Black Spot: Kat Keller short stories Book 2 (Kat Keller short stories.)

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