The Haunted House

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The haunted house

I explained he lived alone but always had treats ready for any trick-or-treater who dared venture down the lonely, overgrown trail that led to his home. My suggestion was enthusiastically received until they saw Mr. Even I, who knew my dad waited within, felt a shiver of fear creep along my spine, like a spider on a web of nerves. We approached cautiously toward where the house loomed up, outlined starkly against the moonlit sky. To add to the eerie effect, a single light flickered from behind the drawn curtains.

Ghostly wisps of fog clawed at our legs, and branches whipped wickedly against our faces. We were considering bravely marching on, when shrill laughter split the tomblike quiet. Some of the group turned, running wildly for home, while the rest huddled near and bombarded me with questions.

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Reassuring them that everything was fine, I boldly knocked upon the blistered door. Like something out of a horror movie, the door slowly creaked open, and I gazed into the red-rimmed eyes of a madman. With a start I realized this white-haired maniac was my father! This room was dimly lit by two flickering candles perched on large polished skulls. Nice touch, Dad, I thought as I gazed at the skulls, the cobwebs, and the coffin set back in a corner.

Sutinen in a slurred drawl. Join me, hey? The rest warily glanced around. Sutinen, what were you planning to eat? Too late we noticed the dozens of murky specimen bottles crowding the counters and shelves of the kitchen. Looking up, we saw a row of frozen cats hanging stiffly from the rafters! This, of course, made sense when one remembered my dad was a professor of biology and used such things in his labs. Mary promptly began to cry, and several others looked like they wanted to. I begged my friends to stay and humor this crazy old man a little while longer, and they agreed.

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Happily accepting any excuse to leave the kitchen and its occupants, we followed Toivo Sutinen up the rickety, wooden steps and into a narrow hall. Except for a dusty end table on which lay a bloodstained knife, everything in this room was covered with enormous sheets. Avoiding eye contact with the knife, we halfheartedly listened to Mr. Sutinen reminisce about his dear departed wife.

Uncomfortably we began to realize he was talking about Mildred as if she were still alive. So went out late one night and brought ma Mildred back home. With a flourish, Mr. Sutinen pulled back the bed sheet.

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VIP — Includes fast pass, adult ticket, coffin ride and printed photo. Requiem Haunted House partners with anti-bullying campaign.

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Idaho Haunted Houses. Warning: Requiem is not for the squeamish. Welcome To Your Worst Nightmare. No appointment necessary.

Do you have the heart to handle it? Brainwashing Americans. What Surrounds you? Are you safe? About Requiem Haunted House. Hours of Operation:. Last ticket will be sold 30 minutes before close. Friday — September 20, pm pm Saturday — September 21, pm pm. Friday — September 27, pm pm Saturday — September 28, pm pm. Friday — October 4, pm pm Saturday — October 5, pm pm.

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    The Haunted House The Haunted House
    The Haunted House The Haunted House
    The Haunted House The Haunted House
    The Haunted House The Haunted House
    The Haunted House The Haunted House
    The Haunted House The Haunted House
    The Haunted House The Haunted House

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