The Voyage of Change

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The culture of the organization is a key piece of a successful change management solution. Assisting leaders is a critical, foundational step of any change management strategy.

Christopher Columbus - Voyages, Facts & Legacy - HISTORY

Engagement of all pieces of the organization can be supported through a powerful communication approach. There are both logical and emotional components of change and a good plan includes both creative and practical aspects. In May , Columbus sailed west across the Atlantic for the third time.

Conditions were so bad that Spanish authorities had to send a new governor to take over. Meanwhile, the native Taino population, forced to search for gold and to work on plantations, was decimated within 60 years after Columbus landed, only a few hundred of what may have been , Taino were left on their island.

Christopher Columbus was arrested and returned to Spain in chains. In , cleared of the most serious charges but stripped of his noble titles, the aging Columbus persuaded the Spanish crown to pay for one last trip across the Atlantic. This time, Columbus made it all the way to Panama—just miles from the Pacific Ocean—where he had to abandon two of his four ships after damage from storms and hostile natives. Empty-handed, the explorer returned to Spain, where he died in However, his journey kicked off centuries of exploration and exploitation on the American continents.

The Columbian Exchange transferred people, animals, food and disease across cultures. Old World wheat became an American food staple.

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African coffee and Asian sugar cane became cash crops for Latin America, while American foods like corn, tomatoes and potatoes were introduced into European diets. Today, Columbus has a controversial legacy —he is remembered as a daring and path-breaking explorer who transformed the New World, yet his actions also unleashed changes that would eventually devastate the native populations he and his fellow explorers encountered.

Greta Thunberg, climate change activist, sails into New York City

But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. As the classroom rhyme goes, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in and discovered America.

But there is more to the story of the explorer we celebrate with a federal holiday on the second Monday of every October. As historians have continued to learn and write more Columbus Day is a U. It was unofficially celebrated in a number of cities and states as early as the 18th century, but did not become a Forget those myths perpetuated by everyone from Washington Irving to Bugs Bunny. There was no need for Columbus to debunk the flat-earthers—the ancient Greeks had already done so.

Kangaroo by Sydney Parkinson

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    The Voyage of Change The Voyage of Change
    The Voyage of Change The Voyage of Change
    The Voyage of Change The Voyage of Change
    The Voyage of Change The Voyage of Change
    The Voyage of Change The Voyage of Change
    The Voyage of Change The Voyage of Change

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