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The Zombies with Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent

When we arrived there after 30 hours of travel, we found we had three songs in the Top I think it was the second biggest coliseum in the world, just outside Manila. And we were pretty much prisoners, we had to stay in there. But we opened to 28, people—and there were a couple nights that were bigger. They were lovely, lovely people, and so enthusiastic. But we had all these records in the Top 10, and we were getting 18 pounds a night.

The record company over there was represented by a Chinese millionaire.

The Zombies

You would have made up the losses for the Araneta Coliseum for the last three years by being here. Ask for 1, pounds a night. But then we got threatened, as did the venues we played at. The first place we played was on the Golden Mile, it was like a big Las Vegas thing. The night after we played there it burnt down! It was really badly produced, and a bit of a nightmare. At that point, we decided we wanted to make a record and produce it ourselves—primarily Rod and Chris.

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As something of a parting gift, their former producer managed to book the band into EMI Studios at Abbey Road, world famous as the sonic laboratory of the Beatles. The Zombies entered Studio Two in the spring of , just as the fab foursome were completing their generation-defining opus , Sgt. It was a brilliant team working at Abbey Road. That was the place to be in There were all sorts of percussion instruments lying around on the floor. We used all those as well, like tambourines and so forth. So that was very exciting for us to follow the Beatles into Abbey Road.

It was great. In addition to the music being made inside Abbey Road, the Zombies were spurred on by Pet Sounds , the Brian Wilson-helmed Beach Boys masterpiece released the previous spring. I think Pet Sounds was an indirect influence, as it was on Sgt. Pepper and all that sort of thing.

The Zombies

That was an exciting period of trying new things. Unlike the Beatles and the Beach Boys, the Zombies were working on a shoestring budget. Rod and I had to pay 1, pounds ourselves to mix it in stereo! Stereo was just coming in then. COLIN: And we were recording in the most expensive studio in the country, so we had to record incredibly quickly. And, of course, no night recordings at all.

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Sessions continued from June to November , yielding the dozen completed tracks that would comprise Odessey and Oracle. I just think it works incredibly well. Very, very clever. And then into the studio to do it. We had discipline!

Brian Wilson and The Zombies team up for joint US tour | Consequence of Sound

And I did it, literally, in a few hours, spinning the story, developing the chords while I was developing the lyric as well. That was a song that was written very quickly. I was developing the story as I was doing it. It was recorded with a full backing all the way through, but there are places where the backing drops out. ROD: I think we recorded a backing track all the way through and then took it out in sections and just left the vocals.

But it was very evocative around the country lanes around there. I always remember after a storm once the sun came out.

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It was also the place where The Dirty Dozen prisoner of war camp scene was filmed. We had all the actors there in our village. COLIN: After Odessey and Oracle [was released], I seem to remember the school contacted him because they wanted some kind of royalty payment or something. I have this image of three people drinking at a bar like Cheers , and their separate stories. The brief candles are just little memories. Titles sometimes engender those ideas.

Zombies of Nairobi

I give it some really good stick. Love that.

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Sometimes there are good ideas for song titles. What was really informing the atmosphere even by then was suddenly Vietnam was everywhere on television—which, for me, really, was one of the governing factors in the whole uprising of the peace and love thing. Because for the first time a whole youth culture was seeing war as it really was in some detail.

You felt there was a possibility. There was no Trump around. ROD: It really permeated everything, and it felt like a very powerful thing. Pepper -type stuff and making it a little more Haight Ashbury and all that sort of thing. ROD: That was the one song that I was worried about singing and playing live again, because the lines felt so dated and a little bit embarrassing to sing. But in the event when we did it, it felt uplifting and lovely to do.

I saw a lovely cartoon once—it was much later—it was the Woodstock anniversary and it had all these people handing cocktail glasses around. But how things change! And then we decided to do it just with keyboards. HUGH: The idea was, because of the four-part harmony, how are we going to get that bottom bass harmony?

It was very simple, but we did it. And that gives me a chance to sing onstage. CHRIS: We had to do it quick, we only had a few minutes left when we were doing the harmonies on the overdub. You went from 10 a. The red light was on. And not that quietly, either. ROD: Abbey Road was a ridiculous combination of having the most cutting edge technology in the world—or the U. No good! We can get Bar Mitzvahs, too! He was lovely about that. Like so many singers before her in the tradition of soulful Southern music, Liz got her start by singing in the church.

Liz moved to Chicago where she continued to develop her own personal musical style. It was there that she for the first time began to write her own compositions. She drew on a myriad of sources to refine her characteristic blend of the old and new. Her introduction to the Blues would have a profound impact on her as a composer, singer, and guitar player.

Blues paragons such as Son House, Leadbelly, and Muddy Waters can all be heard in her honest and soulful compositions. Liz is a powerhouse vocal talent whose contra-alto style can range from whisper quiet falsetto to back-row belting blast within the span of a few measures.

Her voice fits right in the same conversation with her contra-alto heroes Bobbie Gentry, Amy Winehouse, and Julie London.

About Billboard

Liz has been recording in the studio with Grammy Award winning producer Mark Neill. McPherson and J. Roddy Walston and The Business. Back down South where she belongs, Liz is making waves in the Atlanta music scene. Her performances draw from a deep well of emotional resonance and are brought to life through her powerful voice and soulful, fuzz-driven electric guitar.

Her songs shine a light on the inner truths of the human condition.

The Zombist The Zombist
The Zombist The Zombist
The Zombist The Zombist
The Zombist The Zombist
The Zombist The Zombist

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