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The Unconventional Wedding Festival is unconventional in every sense of the word, from the suppliers w ho will be exhibiting there right through to the overall experience you will have on the day. You can walk around our themed Zones, experiencing different styles of wedding and soaking up the ideas.

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Step into our Style zone to try on the gorgeous outfits and accessories. Got wedding planning questions? And if you want to turn the day into a girl's day out, why not upgrade to our VIP Experience!

Whatever you're looking for there is so much going on you'll find something for everyone! Come and check out the latest in alternative wedding fashion and find the perfect look for your big day. Browse through the rails of gorgeous outfits and shelves of accessories, and watch talented artisans as they craft away in their workshops.


And there will be plenty of games and activities for you to try out as well Why go down the traditional catering route when there are so many tantalising options available to you!?!?! Just beware Make your day extra special by treating yourself to one of our tempting deluxe experiences.

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Whether you're planning a day out with your partner or family, or are out for a bit of fun with your friends, the VIP Experience will make your day one to remember. From practical workshops giving you advice and tips to make planning your wedding easier to fun, interactive workshops and demonstrations, there is something for everyone.


Cocktail making anyone!?!?! No Ordinary. Photo credit Nicki Shea Photography. I used to live a half hour away from there, and it's your average Indiana town. They like to brag about how Lew Wallace wrote Ben Hur there.

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Will Shortz, the NYT crossword puzzle guy, is from there. The monster was first spotted in by a couple of ice delivery guys one night. They described it as a "horrible apparition" hovering in the air over them and it freaked them the shit out. The local paper because of course this made the local paper said it was pure white, had no definite shape, was 18 feet long and 8 feet wide, and was moving through the air via pairs of "side fins.

Hundreds eventually claimed to have seen the monster, and like a lot of these things, the stories got more elaborate.

What Actually Happens At This Old English Tradition - UnConventional

News spread first to Indianapolis and even made the papers in New York. It was wild.

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A couple of guys John Hornbeck and Abe Hernley decided to track down the beast, because of course they did. And, amazingly, they found it and followed it around town.

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  6. It turns out it was a flock of birds. Specifically it was a flock of killdeer, which have white underfeathers. Crawfordsville had recently installed electric street lights which confused the crap out of the birds and were hovering around town en masse.



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